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Saturday, December 02, 2006

God is unfair

How does that make you feel?? Does it evoke an emotional response??Kind of like when we are disciplined or chastised by our parents. We want to stick out our lower lip,stomp our feet,ball up our fists & shout- YOU ARE NOT FAIR!!! Maybe slam a door or pound a pillow???

I think we react this way to God sometimes,even if its mostly internal temper tantrums. Since we , in our fallen condition, are basically selfish we want things our way.And we want them our way in a very specific manner. No discomfort or struggle,just have it all go according to plan the way we want it thank you very much. Trouble is,that is the stuff of imagination and wishful thinking because, simply put..... Homey don't play that!!! Life is never quite like that.

i wonder what life would be like if God were fair???? I shudder at the idea. Contemplating all my sins whether active or passive, especially those within the heart and mind as opposed to visible ones..... if God were fair i would be in bad bad shape!!! Life would become one like huge prison or timeout room if God were fair. I much prefer Him to be merciful,grace-filled and mysterious to a certain degree. Just have to turn off that selfishness inside wanting fairness and realize grace love and forgiveness are far greater gifts!!!!!


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