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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

faith and love

A very good discussion has been going on last few days on a friends blog, started out based on the little campus crusade diagram of fact-faith-feelings as a train. Always great to have alot of varied thoughts and ideas shared together. Just how do we experience God??? How do faith/facts/feelings all interact in our lives as we connect to God???? How do they interact in the life of those who have no stated connection to God or claim he doesn't exist for there to even be any connection???

Relativism is such a huge philosophical way of thinking/believing in our world right now. Truth is what you want itto be, we each can have our own truths, what's true for you isn;t necaessarily true for me or anyone else- and that's fine!!!! This is a very popular way to talk but it sure breaks down in realistic fashion. If i hold a pot of boiling water over your head and tell you i want to pour it on you because i believe it wont hurt you...... i wonder if you would sit still and smile saying o yea go ahead after all that is *your truth*!!!!! Silly lil analogy i know, but hopefully makes a point. i once had a discussion with a coworker who believed there were no absolutes. I proceeded to tell him that his assertion was an absolute statement. GOTCHA!!!

This hit at me inwardly when i reflect on God,Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Bible. If they are not absolute then what is there for us to have any solid footing for being assured of something true and real??? God opens the Bible..... *In the beginning God*...... ok so.... what about before the beginning????? Come on God.... lets hear the *rest of the story*. Where did YOU come from???? God's answer to that inquiry.... * I AM THAT AM*. Certain questions are not ours to be privy to knowing the answer to this side of eternity. The Bible makes very specific claims Jesus absolutely claimed to be God in flesh... Messiah Lord and Savior. Like Josh McDowell said so astutely in his classic book Evidence That Demands A Verdict..... Jesus is one of 3 things Liar.... Lunatic.... or Lord. He does NOT leave open the option of being a good man, great teacher or philosopher. Sorry about that folks but no one gets crucified for being merely a *good man* If Jesus is NOT who He claimed to be and did NOT ride from the dead.... well like Paul says in 1 Corinthians we are all dead in our sins life is folly!!!

The main point being that it MATTERS that the Bible IS Gods infallible,authoritative WORD!!! Understanding how to interpret it and relate it to our lives is a big key. The Bible is not always meant to be taken literally. A point was made in the discussion about Paul instructing women about being silent in the church or about how they dress. Since we practice things diferently now it makes the Bible fallible. Wrong answer!!! Context... audience relevance that command was specific to those women at that time. Context, context ,context!!!!!

I'm sorry if this is way too long, just some thoughts i wanted to share. if you have read this far, by all means please comment on your take ALL comments welcome agree disagree whatever..... anyand all who stop by feel welcome. i sure hope so anyhow.


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