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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

pain is Gods megaphone

This was quoted by my worship/music minister at our commission meeting last night. Similar thoughts had been marinating within my cranium on and off for sometime. Pain... is there any other subject that has been more pursued,written about,fought against,chased after for understaning and ad infitum??? Countless books have been written dealing with pain. Why does a good God allow pain and suffering??? How do we deal with pain how do we avoid it?? is there a purpose behind it??? is it a cruel joke played on us which never gives the punchline???

Peter seems to have given a very *cut-to-the-heart* rendering of this dilemma regarding pain when Jesus was telling the 12 about His coming death and resurrection. After sharing how he was to be betrayed and suffer Peter immediately tried to tell Jesus he would not let it take place. Jesus nstantly rebuked him and showed the disparity between how God views pain and how humans view it. Peter wanted to avoid it, keep it from happening. Jesus saw it as essential and all within the framework of the Father's Will.

Crucified with Christ... used by paul a few times to describe our condition as believers. Best i can tell, crucifixion is painful. Fellowship of His sufferings...... paul talks of this in Philippians where he is discussing the surpassing value of losing all things in order to gain Christ. A central theme to gaining Christ, that absolute intimacy, is via pain and suffering. Scripture is abundant in sharing throughout that closeness to God involves PAIN!!!

So........... why do we try our best to run as far from it as we can and sedate ourselves or medicate or do anything there is to keep it away???? PAIN IS NOT FUN!!!! Pain is tough, it is draining, it is exhausting and uncomfortable and a whole host of other stuff that makes us want to keep it at a safe distance. Still, pain draws us close to GOD!!!! He sees it as no big deal. He also sees it a lot more seriously than we do. he saw it as important enough He chose to leave His abode in eternity take on human form experience everything we do and even allow Himself.... WILLINGLY...... to be tortured, killed by his own creation in order that He could overcome the ULTIMATE pain.... death..... and give us all victory and restored life in fellowship with Him.

where is God when I hurt???? Where is He in catastrphes and disasters???? Doesn't He care about my pain???? How can He allow this??? So like peter....... I have struggled with wanting to avoid pain as long as i can remember. I think God has begun to pierce through my fog to let me take in His answer to these queries...... He IS....... He was on the cross...... He is always present at all times in all situations in the midst of ALL pain we all experience He took and takes our pain and wraps us up in Himself calling us to trust Him as he lets us share pain with Him. He is at the core of the pain loving us and bringing us as close to Him as we can get.

Death must happen before resurrection. Pain must happen before we truly know His love life and joy. Father God thank you for Your incredible patience in leading me to know You and Your ways and bringing me to walk in faith trust hope and love. Help me to praise You and trust You anytime pain comes my way Place Your love and grace in my heart as deep as it can go so i will surrender my fear my resistance and my selfcenteredness and accept Your Will..... perfect love and grace You are a amazing all powerful beyon words awesome GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 4:58 AM, Anonymous bjk said...

good thoughts.....where I'm at as well.....keep sharing

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous BarBarA said...

Great post Roberto! Pain is God's megaphone. I need to remember that one.

I am going to keep this post and read when needed.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Thanks very much bjk and barbara!!! I need to keep looking back at it myself I am preaching very loudly to myself on this whole subject, hopeing it resonates to many others!!


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