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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So much good stuff as par the course lately in the blogosphere. Lots of good topics being bantered about and challenging ideas presented. Mystery. God allows for ther to be quite a bit i think. Life is lived wholly in our imaginations when you come down to it, isn't it??? I mean, wherever you go-there you are right??? We can't get out of our own skin, unless you are a believer in *out of the body* experiences lol Our imaginations are just as *real* as what happens naturally or from other peoples actions, at least subjectively.

Nightline had a debate last thursday night about the existence of satan-yea or nay??? It was held at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and Mark Driscoll, pastor of said church as well as Annie Lobert, ex-hooker who leads an organization known as ex-hookers for Jesus were on the pro-satan exists and Deepak Chopra as well as a former evanglical minister were on the anti-satan side. I thought it was ok, didn't have enough time to go deeply into the issue as it could have. I believe satan exists, but not as a fallen angel. Satan is our own sinful nature which rebels against God. Sin is the ultimate enemy of God, which Jesus destroyed by becoming human, going through life and facing every single temptation as well as all the things we feel and experience as humans. He did so perfectly, in total obedience to God the Father, and therefore destroyed sin and death forever and made access directly to God possible by His victory and letting us have access to His Spirit within us once we come to Him by faith.

I have to thank my friend jennypo for a comment she left me, reminding me of how God chooses when our life is up on this earth and when we belong to Him through Jesus, all is well. I get so caught up in my imagination about death and how it can strike and trying to avoid it or whatever, when all I need to do is rest in the true reality that Jesus has taken care of it and no matter what physical and emotional pain occur when it happens, ultimately He has made it something that has no more power and my battle has been to focus,trust and rest in that truth and promise, knowing even my constant falling down in various sins and failures cannot remove me from His care!!!!! I think for me, the emotional pain of losing my dad set a tone in my imagination once that happened that created a filter which fear surrounded and has sought to sabotage me from breaking free and living in the joy of the freedom Jesus gives in knowing faith,hope and love in His grace in a deeply experiential as well as mental/intellectual way. Day by day is a good song to reflect on in living this journey of life!!!!


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Becky said...

to see thee more clearly
follow thee more nearly
love thee more dearly

THANKS for the reminder Friend!

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Milly said...

I'm still reading


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