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Sunday, March 01, 2009

In His Time

A very good devotional song has this title. We are to trust God to take care of us,life and all that goes on in His time. I wonder if Adam and Eve had *the grass is always greener * syndrome??? I mean they had a close relationship with God their Creator. They had a perfect existence and yet they found reason to question it, to question Him? Lust of the eyes,lust of the flesh,boastful pride of life. I think those 3 match the tempations of Jesus in the wilderness. Jeremiah says the human heart is evil above ALL ELSE. James says we are tempted by our own desires. The definition of satan in hebrew and greek is adversary. I see by these verses and definition of the word that there is no need for satan to be a fallen angel who is out to destroy us to get back at God. We fight against Him and against ourselves enough without needing a supernatural being to do so. This may sound like heresy lol i have made mention of it before but contemplate it. I hope to have an article from a professor who has done extensive research on satan soon to substantiate that satan is really our own rebelliousness, stay tuned.

Faith. We all need faith, just the way life is made up. Big question is who and what do we place our faith in. God appeared to people in the OT, either via an angel, vision,or use of physical substances like a burning bush or cloud. He spoke audibly. The Bible is a record of His revelation of Himself to us. We are called to place faith in Him and His Word as we have no direct experience with Him. Jesus does not live physically here on earth anymore. Faith is called action. In order for it to be live faith we need to actively place something on the line to show we have faith. This is the major struggling point. We all sin and battle it all the time. We are human and have various weaknesses. We can have wild and crazy beliefs based on experiences we have gone through in life. The Bible contains stories of countless people God uses greatly who had tremendous moral failures. Yet they were said to believe God. They also had alot of actions that were not of faith. They lied,committed adultery,stole,cheated,murdered. Is there some line of demarcation to say when faith is being active enough??? I mean we all fall constantly, we have doubts and fight our bodies as wel as our thoughts and feelings. Mustardseed faith. very tiny faith. Does grace cover over for us when we lack stronger faith??? Does grace cover when we lack obedience???

I hope to hear if similar thoughts run through your minds. It will be good to hear all rsponses. Love,peace,grace and joy to all .


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Milly said...

Yes God was in their faces in the OT. Some days I think I need that and on other days God in my face would leave me shaking in my boots.
I guess it come down to this at the end of the night we have to lay our sins at the feet of Jesus. I just had to lay it all down a couple of nights ago, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

It does take faith. Keep the faith bro

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Becky said...

And the problem comes for me when I look more to other people than to Him.....


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