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Friday, October 15, 2010


Examine is a good word, a good process. We learn when we examine, whatever it is we choose to make the object or subject of our examining. I have come across some things which have led me to reexamine satan and hell. I have posted on this a few times before, but like to repeat as I have read and looked into things a lil more.

Satan = adversary. Actually in the hebrew it is ha satan which is a function and not a proper name. The Bible is filled with many genres of language and uses of words, some definitely NOT meant to be taken literally. Where do we get the notion satan is a supernatural fallen angel??? I see that hand yes yes many will say the Bible of course!!! O really??? Hmmmm let's just see. It is widely held that satan appears in Genesis as possessing the serpent/snake to tempt Adam & Eve. However, satan is never mentioned here. Look at what happens after the fruit is eaten. Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent, why does the serpent not blame satan??? Many infer satan was in the serpent I think because of that verse about bruising him on the hell and him crushing your head. Was this a prophecy of Jesus victory over satan???

In Luke 20:35,36 it says angels do not die. If we look in the book of Revelation we find where it says the fiery furnace prepared for the devil and his angels will swallow them up. How can this be if angels cannot die??? Devil = slanderer or false accuser, angel= messenger, not neccesarily a heavenly one. God said before He sent the flood in Noahs day that He was sorry he had made man for all he did was evil. Why would He not have been sorry for making satan and the other fallen angels??? If satan were the foulest,most vile and evil being in existence, why would God let him and his cronies have unlimited access to humans and have the power to damn us to hell with him??? Why would God allow satan any kind of power considering what he had become???

The Bible is filled with statements that make satan appear to be a spiritual being roaming around preying on all he can. What if those statements were descriptive and personifications however??? Like in Proverbs 8, declaring Wisdom to be a woman??? If we look closely at Romans we will find Paul saying Adam brought sin into the world, not satan. Sin is our enemy, and Gods enemy and sin is Gods adversary. Adam, which means man, represents all of us and how we all make the same choice as he and Eve to disobey God and choose selfish desires. Jesus came to earth as a human, a baby, born from the womb just like we are. He was fully human and He was tempted in every way as we are- yet WITHOUT sin!!! Jesus destroyed sin and death by His perfect obedient life, His death and resurrection. He gives us His life which overcomes our sinful nature and thus we take on His life in us, maturing day by day as we seek to live by faith and the Holy Spirit.

If there is no supernatural fallen angel then what is hell??? Why is there hell?? Could it be that Jesus referred to the valley of Hinnom and the gehenna fire which the jews knew symbolized Gods judgment upon their apostasy and sin as He had performed in the Old Covenant days??? Could the book of Revelation be talking about the end of the Old Covenant which happened historically in AD 70 with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple???

Many others have written on these matters before. I am just piecing together things as i have been reexaming myself. What do you think?? Make sense??? heresy??? Hope to hear!!!


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