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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thoughts Once More

We are all like onions aren't we??? Many layers to peel away. No snowflake is exactly the same as any other right??? I would guess then the same is definitely true for us humans. We all do have alot of the same experiences,same likes and dislikes and emotions. But none are exactly the same. It is so strange to me how we all are here living this life we have been born into, and that there can be such a grand canyon like divide between believers and atheists. The exact same experiences can elicit completely opposite reactions in people and their belief about it. Some are driven toward God and others driven away.

I think about this in a very introspective way because of own craziness in some ways. We all face all kinds of twists,turns and challenges in life. Some are far more extreme than others but they happen all the same. Death is linked to life. You can't die unless your alive to begin with. Physical death must have happened before the sin of Adam & Eve right??? No dinosaurs in Eden. So, just what death did they die once Eve ate and gave it to Adam and he ate also??? It says their eyes were opened and they became aware they were naked. So what condition were they in prior to their eyes being opened??? They were not separated from God because He watched over them after removing them from the garden, and He stayed involved in the lives of their descendants as we see in Genesis. Was the story of the Fall really just that??? A story meant by God to portray a deep truth and reality He chose not to make known explicitly???

There is the beginnings of a new interest in discovering if we can know for sure Adam and Eve were actual historical beings or archetypes. After all the name Adam means man. Difficulties being faced by deciding Adam was not a real person in history include: the genealogies,cain and abel,Pauls theological comparison between Adam and Jesus. Some scientists ascertain that we could not have all spawned from a single couple. Just how do we determine what is true?? Or, is it something that ultimately is taken on faith and cannot be proven irrefutably either way???

Hope these thoughts inspire your thoughts :)


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