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Monday, September 06, 2010

Man of LaMancha-Spiritual Metaphor

I acted in a high-school production of this play. Don Quixote was a very interesting character. He was a madman in one sense, seeing windmills as giants, a shaving basin as a magical golden helmet,and a small inn as a castle. However, he also saw a serving girl who was treated as a tramp and even viewed herself that way, as a beautiful fair maiden, pure and innocent, worthy of love and respect. He saw his quest to fight against evil and wrong in all its forms, and to seek to dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable star.

i watched the movie last night, and was really struck by it. Especially how Don Quixote saw Aldonza. He saw her as a special lady whom he had sought unknowingly all his life. Well, his adult life anyway. She was used to being treated like dirt, used and abused by all the men she encountered. She sings her lifestory to him when she lashes out in outrage and anger because he imagines her so much better than she actually is. She knows how to handle the abuse and deal with it, she has no clue how to handle tenderness, hope and love.

Is this not a vision of how God deals with us??? Of course Aldonza was born in a ditch and left there to die. We were created by God in His Image. However, that image has been marred so deeply and obscured by ourselves over the decades. A highly accepted philosophy declares us to be nothing more than animals bascially, with a bit higher level of functioning. No soul, no dignity,no special purpose. Life is hard then you die. That's it. God and Jesus say hold on there one second. They give the real truth of who we are, of our value and our preciousness. Despite any and all declarations to the contrary, They see us for who we really are and can become. I hope and pray that reality is what gets grounded in us all more and more with no end.


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