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Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Randomness

How do you relate to an invisible God??? Philip Yancey has a good book dealing with this very question. I really like his humility he displays as such a deep writer, sharing his continuous ups and downs in his own faith journey. We all have different faith personalities, same as we have different basic personalities. Some have umlimited faith, some barely any faith, and so many different places between the 2 poles.

Universalism has been being discussed around the blogosphere. What i see makes me wonder about just who the Bible was written to??? Surely it was written TO those living in that era, and written FOR all of us. Just how much is to be applied to us today though??? I recall Hal Lindseys *late great planet earth* book back in the 70's. Rapture still hasn't happened. just about every generation since Jesus ascended to the Father has had their own doomsday prediction. Amazing how many thought they calculated the day of Jesus return, even though Jesus Himself said only the Father knew when it would happen. Of course, if you believe Jesus came back in 70 AD as He said He would in the Gospels, then you don't worry about being *left behind*

Will everyone be reconciled to God,regardless of their belief or unbelief??? Did Jesus reconcile everyone back to God by His life,death and resurrection??? Does God love all and save all regardless of their choice to ignore or refuse Him?? Just who are the wicked??? Does calling someone a bad name in a harsh way, like fool, make someone go to hell, as Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5??

So many interpretations out there about our eternal destiny. Calvinists, if they hold fast to their presuppositions, end up having the vast majority of everyone who has lived end up in hell. Does that sound like Gods desire??? Even worse is that God ultimately sent them there because He predetermined all who would accept or reject Him. They declare God is God, He can do as He chooses with His creation and He owes us no explanation. True, but does that jibe with the God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace??? Jesus, who told us to love our enemies, to forgive seventy-times-seven????

Random thoughts & questions. We will always be seeking for the answers.


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