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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so different so the same

All of us people. We are so truly unique, however in that very uniqueness there is striking sameness. We share so much similarities in how we react emotionally or how we respond mentally. Every single person is different just as every snowflake is, yet so much that is shared. Just kind of an interesting reality to contemplate. We all enter this life in the same basic way, though some have very easy and relatively drama-free deliveries, while others require emergency measures to insure they emerge intact from the womb. I wonder how much of our personality begins to form right out of the chute. Babies display differing temperaments don't they??? Some loud criers, some barely a peep and so mellow and sleepy. Studies always are ongoing as to what effects the types of food and other things the mother ingests into her body have on the unborn child as they wait to be born. Does music have any effect on the fetus?? Talking to them or caressing the tummy???

I am more and more curious of what influences and shapes our personality disposition. Just how do we become the way we are in our moods and outlooks??? There have been countless studies done on genetics vs environment. I want to glean a lil more of the cake so to speak. Why is it harder for some to trust at a basic gut level than others??? Why do some have suspicion and fear as to the world and whats in it being safe and others find it quite scary??? Is there just a chemical reaction that causes this even before any mental/emotional processing happens??? I recall in elementary school when we had free time, where we could play and basically do as we wanted within the bounds of good behavior lol I ran right for the adventures of tintin books, as i also watched the cartoon all the time at home. I easily blotted out all around me and got lost in the book. I requested transcripts of my files from kindergarten to grade 6 awhile back, just out of curiosity. I discovered that in 4th grade I was reading at an 11th grade level!!! I wish my emotional level was as high yikes.

I have always been fairly quiet and shy, but very friendly and easygoing. Though i get easily embarrassed and turn bright red uncontrollably at times, I have always enjoyed people and have always found it easy to use humor to break the ice or to initiate conversation, though with girls it is not at all easy. I have always wondered deep within myself what is it that causes me to have been the object of teasing or rejection by various people throughout my school life. I always thought it was a defect on my part, not outgoing enough, confident enough and other things. I always have been physically strong even at a youn gage and could handle being beaten or attacked physically. I think sometimes i was a target because I was big and strong, but was very passive and self-effacing emotionally, so maybe they poked at me to see if I would react, when instead i retreated inwardly. Perhaps it had more to do with them though, in that they didnt like i was easygoing while being physically strong. I don't know. Something inside just reverberates that alot of my weaknesses i have had also have been strengths, and i want to see all in a clear light.

These are brief reflections, do any questions stir inside you??? Any insights on this topic??? Do you think Jesus was both extrovert and introvert??? Are we all but one is more dominant??? Aren't questions fun??? Hope to hear back from many.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger The Troll said...

Most research suggests that personality traits are largely decided at the moment of conception. And the trend of that research is to find MORE things that were formed at that time.

Those core traits can be masked by how we were raised, but not eliminated.

You might remember the tennis players Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe? Complete opposites, right?

They scored EXACTLY the same on the CPP personality test which is designed to cut-through cultural differences and get to the real person inside.

The first time Borg yelled at a referee his Swedish father cancelled the match. Confiscated his racket. And told him he'd never play again if he acted OUT like that.

McEnroe's father prolly said "That's my Boy!" with pride.

Never really thought about Jesus in terms of extrovert-introvert. Have to ponder that one.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Kelly Jene said...

Well since Jesus was perfect, I figure He was a perfect mixture of both. Now me, I'm mostly extrovert I guess... after you get to know me. When I first meet people I tend to be pretty quiet and shy. After a while people can't shut me up.

Differences are apparent from birth, and like Mr. Troll noted, your environment can change, add to, or take away from the way you were born.

Interesting topic.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Awareness said...

Good Sunday morning Robert. It's Palm sunday.... :)

I like what Troll had to say and love the example. I didn't know that.

I believe we are born with certain character and personality traits inherited from our parents (or a blending of them sometimes) which make us a unique mix. From birth, the people around us who care for us see these traits and either reinforce them or ignore them.....and consequently help shape us. Babies are completely dependent for their survival....love, nutrition, protection etc... quickly they learn to respond and bond with their caregivers....and as they grow and develop. They also respond to the environment sometimes in order to protect themselves.
Action and reaction........

WE are like sponges as children.....soaking up every single thing that is said and done to us.......every event that we deem meaningful, good and bad, painful, joyful etc. It is what molds our self-concept. Because we are born with our personality potential.....how we respond and how it impacts us as human beings, and how we are taught by others around us will shape who we become as adults.

I think this is why it's difficult to change our ways as adults because our "blueprint" is terribly entrenched in us. Having said that, i believe we all have the ability to change.

Viktor Frankl stated....everything can be taken from a man but one thing.....the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.


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