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Friday, April 09, 2010

Fair or Grace?

Sometimes reading all around the blogosphere makes my head spin lol Sure reminds me what a huge world we exist in and so many points of view, even within the subgroups of those who allie themselves together. The title of my post is from the neurons and protons zooming within my myelin sheath. Do fairness and grace go together or are they inconsolable opposites???

Jesus surely wasn't fair was He?? Guess it depends how you look at Him. He healed huge multitudes who sought after Him once His miracles became known. He didn't heal everyone. He gave special treatment to a few. He spoke parables of God the Fathers nature like the vineyard workers. No fairness there, but definite grace. Why is it we want things to be fair so often then??? Do we have a tough time really internalizing grace in ourselves??

A larger question I have been contemplating is how does God determine the life we all live??? I mean such as what period of history we are born in, what location,what family,what genetic makeup we have??? How does He decide the mental and emotional capabilities of everyone??? How does He allot for our measure of faith and unbelief??? Our ability to overcome our sinful tendencies and our inability to??? Deep stuff here, definitely needing more thought down the road. Any of these questions strike you at all??? Any that you just dont even think about or any that seize you and have you thinking an aha moment type response??? Love to hear all responses.


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