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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gotta Live It

I hear expressions like my title alot. *walk the talk*, *actions gotta follow the words* *dont mean alot unless you live it* All are very well-meant and essentially true, but the spirit of the comments can get lost in it I think. It is a given we need to carry out our faith by our living, but i think only One Man ever got it right. I just feel like a false standard is being undergirded when those statements are made. Holiness is what we are called to, humility and service as well. I just think of the emphasis made upon living out what we believe and all that entails. It can't mean to be flawless and totally perfect in every moral way, but that idea seems to permeate for me for some reason.

Living it means to be brutally honest, even when we feel like we have nothing to give or be at the moment. It means to live it regardless how you think or feel, and have hope you will be who you committed to be in coming to God through Christ. Living it does NOT mean we are just k= like Jesus in our living because we are fallible humans, not God in flesh!!! Exhortation is needed when we are stuck or in a position of falling back. Always with grace as seasoning though. Wish I had more words come to me now to express my thoughts more. Mainly i just want to realize that we all will have highs and lows in the living out our faith journey and sometimes those who do not share our faith may judge or question us, we can rest knowing our ultimate Judge sees us in love and will lead us through even in times of hypocrisy and failure.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger karen said...

Jesus loved His disciples through it all, and knew their failings...heck, He made 'em.

He knows us in and out. Every trip and fall, every pull to the top of the summit. He knows.


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