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Monday, February 08, 2010

Complete Fulfillment

Jesus last words before He died on the cross were, *it is finished* A lot of conjecture can go into the exact meaning of those words. Many know of Josephus, a jewish historian who lived in the time of Jesus and recorded some wonderful writings of his time. AD 70 is a very important date in history. It was the siege by Rome upon jerusalem and the absolute destruction of the temple. Many believe this was the fulfillment of Jesus prophecy where He said He would come again and that judgment would happen upon this generation of the jews. Very controversial to many because the majority theological/eschatological viewpoint has been premillennial dispensationalism for quite some time. Look at Matthew 24 and the Olivet Discourse though. Read the time statements Jesus used, as well as Paul, John, Mark,Luke and Peter. All refer to a short time span, soon,shortly,near at hand and so on. Jesus said there were some who would not see death till His Words had come to pass. I doubt anyone in the 1st century is still living somewhere now Hmmmmm.

You can google preterism, past fulfillment,realized eschatology,covenantal theology to read more on this viewpoint. Also, love to have more of you stop by http://www.talkgrace.com and see the many conversations going on over there. Hope this spurs your interest to know more.


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