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Monday, April 26, 2010

More Thoughts On All of It

All of our minds work very intricately don't they?? Even when we sleep our minds work via dreams or nightmares. Sometimes it is a very strong wish to want my mind to just turn off for a few hours. So many different thoughts swirling and twirling within my mind. Why do I have such a tough time with fear??? Why have i not been able to shake it?? Why do I have the inner feelings of unworthiness and inability?? Death is called our greatest enemy and it is the one thing we do not have a frame of reference for since no one has come back from it to share what its like other than Jesus. Jesus resurrection overcame death, there is no resurrection without death happening first. Problem- is there something required in order to assure one is under the cover of Jesus??? This is the million dollar question.

The predestination/freewill debate will probably never cease, like the song that never ends, for it goes on and on my friends. Some argue Jesus came to save only the elect. Others argue Jesus came to save all. Hmmm, I believe the one passage in Romans says, *while we were yet sinners Christ died for us* John 3:16 says God loved the world, meaning His creation inhabiting it. God is love, God says in His Word that mercy triumphs over justice. Grace flies in the face of justice because it gives what we dont deserve and cannot earn. Justice gives us what we deserve. I would say that puts a limited atonement idea to the side, but that is just my view.

We are called to confess our sins, to repent and to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior. I have not yet met anyone who has lived sinlessly after conversion. Not one. Those who say Jesus only will save the elect will make sure that they have the kind of faith and life that shows plain and clear they belong to God and are truly His. Doesn't 1 John say if we claim to have no sin we lie and the truth is not in us??? Just what life level are these *elect* to have met??? How do they know they have met it since they will have committed some sin here and there???

I just lay all this out there for my own laying my thoughts in the open and getting feedback from anyone who reads them.Like a sweet friend wrote in my comments on my last post. We have a bad wolf and a good wolf inside us, the one who wins is the one who gets fed more. I struggle to feed the good wolf more. Sometimes i feel like i cant help from feeding the bad wolf.God always seems to find a way to gently whisper He is always there,even when i fail and give in to the bad wolf time and time again. I hope that is His whisper.


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