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Sunday, October 24, 2010


To interpret or not to interpret not even a question. Interpret we must if we are to be functioning humans. How to interpret, ah now that is a good question to ponder. Just how do we decide our mechanism of making an interpretation?? What prism do we pass our thoughts through as we do our interpreting?? The study of hermeneutics is entirely devoted to this. I think this is an area sorely lacking as far as spending time at a basic level seeking to learn how to understand the intricacies and varying modes involved in doing so.

Always so many questions swirling in my head, lots of different answers as well. lol. Do we interpret literally because its easiest?? Because authority and tradition say to do so?? How do we decide what genre of language is being used in the Bible?? The word yom denotes creation in Genesis. The question is, in Hebraic mindset, did yom mean a 24 hour day or a long period of time?? No matter which interpretation you choose to accept, various associations are at play in helping you reach your conclusion. No wonder predestination/freewill are endlessly debated to no consensus- they both are true alongside each other, like a double helix dna strand. Again, that is an interpretation!!

How does God aid us in interpreting?? What role does the Holy Spirit play?? Does the Holy Spirit lead in a variety of interpretations, as could be deduced by the plethora of denominations existing??? Does God just acquiesce to our humanness in letting us come to many varied interpretations??Are there some that supercede others??

Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. That bumper sticker has been around a long time now. Taking it as true, it lays groundwork for varying impact depending on how we interpret its meaning. The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ. As christians, we are called by God to share this Good News via evangelism. The goal of evanglism is conversion to Jesus Christ. Many christians feel pressure, be it internal or external, to *make converts* the effect of this pressure can lead to turning evangelism into a sales pitch, and you just want to close the sale and get the customer to sign on the dotted line. Is this what Jesus meant by the Great Commission though??? Did he want to have us telling people they better convert asap or they will burn in an eternal hell?? Did He want us to bypass any semblance of establishing relationship at all to just get them to the end result??? Saying the sinners prayer or raising a hand as a sign you want to accept Christ are not in the Bible. Hmmmm, then again neither is the word trinity......ponder that one lol

I hope to write more on thinking about thinking. God gives us a lot more freedom than we want Him to i think as i survey the landscape. Hopefully hear thoughts of any who may stp in and read here.


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