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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fear Death Sex Love

These subjects represent major themes in our existence as I see it. I just got done reading a deep and intriguing post at Dr Richard Becks blog. Experimental Theology. If you are not familiar with it I urge you to check it out!!!! The post I was captivated by dealt with fear and denial of death within ourselves and American culture at large and how love is the key to being set free from death in all its nuances. i hope my explanation did justice to Dr Becks intent.

I have shared often over the years on here my struggle with fear, most notably fear of death. No wonder Dr Becks post resounded so strongly inside me. I find such a paradox in so many ways with all the subjects i used to title this post. My paternal grandmother influenced me as a child to be fearful, and it became a modus operandi i ended up adopting, even without fully consciously knowing. Death ends life and stops all of existence as i know it, strictly physically and mentally speaking. Fear of death comes from the feelings of dying and the imagination that can construct all kinds of wild wonderings of what may await once death has happened.

As a Christ-follower and believer, His resurrection lends itself to assuaging this fear and ribbing death of its stranglehold. However, toss in theological issues which cause doubt of qualifying as belonging to Jesus even WITH a faith and commitment of self to Him and everything goes haywire. His perfect love is declared to remove fear because He does not punish. Well, ummmmm isn't hell the ULTIMATE punishment??? Throw in doubting if you have done enough, believed enough and been *enough* whatever that means and what seemed so simple really isn't anymore.

Sex... ah well,,, i shall deal with that another time. LOL Hope to explore all these issues as i write more to come. I hope some who want to share and discuss these things will find there way here. I thank God He desires exploration and isn't sitting on His throne simply demanding a certain performance level be achieved to rest in Him in relationship.


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