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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well hello blog haven't been here posting in quite some time. You still look ok, not too many cobwebs lol. Hopefully I will have much to say and post more often. Big themes definitely running through my head. Life Death Faith Fear Grace Love Justice Such fluff i know. Rob Bell has ignited a maelstrom amongst just about everywhere with his book Love Wins. Interesting to me that many say CS Lewis dealt with the same themes and theological issues as Rob. I wonder if John Piper would tweet Farewell CS!!! Hmmm seriously???? Anyone who has read this blog at all knows fear is a shadowy presence ever since I began writing. That will continue to be so as i seek to deal with it and other aspects of life more fully. Life definitely is a paradox in so many ways. God Himself seems to be as well. He declares He is not far from anyone yet He becomes very elusive and seemingly absent so often when we cry out in our angst and pain, although of course He is right there holding us and all His creation together. Evolving In Monkeytown. It has been reviewed numerous times since its release and I can only say I give it 5 stars or thumbs up or whatever you like!!! Rachel Held Evans is a seriously gifted writer and I strongly encourage EVERYONE to get and read her book it will rattle your cage in a good way. Truth is a Person and relational as opposed to some absolute standard or position. Notice Jesus said I AM the Truth Way and Life. He did not say, this is the absolute truth. Rachel does an excellent job slicing and dicing our tendency to relegate faith and life to certaintyand being right. I found alot of what she wrote about spoke to scattered thoughts I have had swirling around my own head and that was a very cool thing to discover in reading her book. I am a hopeful universalist. I hope everyone ends up together in Gods Big Tent, whether that be Heaven or whatever He wants it to be called. I hope whatever hell is that it ultimately serves as a refining fire as opposed to a burning source of eternal torment and whoever goes there ultimately finds their way to God. Why would Jesus leave eternity and become the lowest human and suffer and die for any who He knew would not benefit from His actions??? Why would He do so also for a certain *elect* who just had cosmic dice save them while most all of the rest of humanity were headed for hell??? Just sayin Hope those who have stopped by here in the past make a return visit and totally welcome all new passersby to peek in and comment. Love and Grace will win!!!


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