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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Wonder....

Been awhile since posting. Just struggle to know what i want to write for awhile. Lots of material floating inside the cranium though.

I wonder if the whole Creation story is literal or figurative and why such lines in the sand are drawn by believers to determine who is a *real christian* based on which view they accept??

I wonder why there are so many atheists who staunchly assert God is non-existent???

I wonder why a lot of christians have deconverted to being nonbelievers and claim it has given them more peace than being a believer ever did??

I wonder if homosexuality is cut and dried as it often appears to be in the Bible??? Why such condemantion of something if it is in a persons genetic makeup to be so??

I wonder why so many things happen that seem to be random and forced when choice and freedom are to be the underlying structure of life???

i wonder why when God is love that we have had such a hard time accepting it and identifying with Him as such??? Love is the foundation of everything, why is it so difficult to simply live out??

i wonder why any who claim love and accepting God are not hard to live out would make such claims and if they would give the answer to the rest of us??

Hopefully you who stop by and read will offer thoughts on these wonderings or add some of your own. Thanks for any who do stop by.


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