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Monday, November 14, 2011

Various Wonderings

Why do so many become so concerned with being right and others wrong???? The Bible has existed for a longgggggggggg time now, incredible minds remain distinct in interpretation of it, even what would be deemed core elements such as Jesus atonement, eternal destination and the work of the Holy Spirit. I don't think the Holy Spirit is or seeks to foster schizophrenia so other answers nust exist as to why the differing interpretations exist.

Physical appearance. Such a major factor from the moment of birth. Babies viewed as ugly or having deformities and defects physically have been shown in case studies to recieve less touch,attention and positive regard than cute and attractive babies. Touch has been determined to be a huge factor in emotional wellbeing and feeling a deep sense of self-love from very early on. If Jesus were ugly.........let your mind wander as you think about it. How would He be responded too??? Look at almost every painting,drawing,sculpture which portrays Jesus. All are attractive and beautiful, except perhaps when He is on the cross. I hope one day God will provide an answer as to why He made people physically unattractive in a world where the scale is almost 100% tipping toward attractivness as giving an edge to life and living it.

More thoughts to come. Hope some will come by and comment.


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