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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fully Alive

Rachel Held Evans has several links on her sunday superlatives post at her place. One in particular was especially moving to me, Anne Jacksons farewell post. Hopefully you have discovered Anne and her writing at some point in time. Lets just say the girl got talent lol I found her a few years back and she really touched me because i was fairly new to blogging and mustered up the courage to write about my struggles with sex/love addiction, so had she. I emailed her as well as commented on her blog. She was truly kind and compassionate in responding. i loved her wit and wisdom in how she shared her life and challenges.

Anne has faced a year of turmoil in her own words. But she leaves with joy, hope and freedom as resounding themes within. Alive was her final word. She was ALIVE!!! I just really am moved by her words and her story. I sure hope we all hear from her in different ways as life goes on. I dont know if she will ever read this but THANK YOU ANNE!!!



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