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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mr Spock Dr Mccoy Jesus

Now wouldnt this be a lively dinner conversation!!! I have been perusing through various blogs and the subjects of intellect/emotion have been the source of much discussion on many of them, in various forms. I myself have often wished to be like Spock, completely rational,logical not letting emotion affect me. Spock always looks so in control, so free from pain. Then there is *Bones* Mccoy so full of raw emotion, pouring out his guts whenever faced with a tough situation or when he sees one of his friends in trouble or hurting. The 2 characters were always at odds so much of the time, fighting from their respective vantage points. I can still hear Mccoy yelling at Spock... *why you inhuman, green-blooded monster....* and Spock arching that eyebrow calmly retorting... *Careful Dr your emotions will be your undoing* Oh man what fun to watch!!!!

Isn't that alot like how our insides operate??? A part of us wants to rationally sort things out with another part just screaming and aching to show how we feel about it???? One or the other seems to take predominance usually. The scales tip one direction or the other, no balance. Jesus perfectly balances!!!! I often wished the shortest version in the Bible wasn't *Jesus wept* but Jesus laughed. Just to have a direct reference to show He enjoyed humor and had fun and showed it. Jesus really does show His sense of humor throughout the Gospels though. So many of the comments He makes to the disciples, as well as to the scribes and pharisees oh definite humor in there. Looking closely though I can see how He keeps the tightrope still in showing His mind and His heart as He deals with those He encounters, whether it be individuals or the masses. So much marinating inside so many people sharing their souls reaching out so we can connect to each other taking the risk of rejection or acceptance. I wonder if Spock would be put into a quandary if he met Jesus???? Something tells me the small human part of him would just end up welling up with raw emotion from the perfect love of jesus as well as His grace and truth. Mccoy???/ Hardheaded irishman would want to just take Jesus and enjoy being in His presence, even offer him a drink as they sat down and relaxed. LOL I pray for Jesus balance to become more and more deeply rooted within myself, grace/truth centered in love.


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous BarBarA said...

Great Post, Robert! I wish "Jesus laughed" and "Jesus wept" were both in the Bible.

Yep, balance really does make a difference.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Larry said...

I think it's interesting that our culture forces this extreme view. It's as if you have to choose to be emotional, or to be intellectual. Somehow I learned as a child that no decision that came from one or the other was a good decision. Of course, no one else believed this.

It's still the path God takes me on. Balance. We are all Spock and McCoy living in one body, which results in tremendous conflict until the Holy Spirit exerts his loving and damping influence. With him as the mediator, the two opposites can be braided with each other into a much stronger person.


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