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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

personal Jesus

A radio station here in Portland plays that Johnny Cash song on a regular basis. Its pretty cool to hear the gravelly voice of the man in black singing about Jesus being very personal. I think in the song he is trying to communicate how other people can be a *personal Jesus* to each other. I think Jesus wanted the same thing as he instructed us to let Him live His life through us. *It is no longer i whol live but Christ who liveth in me* *Christ in you the hope of glory* and other verses where we are instructed that as Jesus followers we exchange our lives for His. Amazing isn't it??

We had bible study for our mens group tonight topic was Revelation 21 and its view of heaven. Is the verse talking figuratively or literally??? Are a lot of the descriptions of heaven and hell in the Bible metaphor and symbolic??? I am motivated to want to pursue this question more in depth as so much of scripture is written in poetic style and Jewish apocalyptic literature was very much in use back in that era. The parable of the rich man and lazarus was brought up. Is this a literal story describing actual events or is it a story meant to symbolize spiritual truths???? Is the whole creation story literal or more written as poetry intended to portray Gods absolute glory and majesty???

Life is very challenging can i get a witness!!!!!! LOL one of the men pondered if it would be held against him when he went to enter heaven that he and his wife had chosen to go enjoy a weekend rving and relaxing as opposed to doing *good works* Even the holiest of saints has to have times where they do something for themself. I think if we were concerned about making sure everything we did all the time was spiritual *good works* we would give ourselves a nervous breakdown!!!!! We are called to live our lives for His glory and to seek His kingdom and His righteousness however we are stuck in this flesh which still wrestles with temptaion and sin as well as the fallen world which we inhabit thankfully His grace and love cover us regardless of how often we fall short. Hopefully the trials tribulations pain and struggles we go through everyday serve to drive us to lean on Him more completely and to desire to trust and obey Him with our whole self sound like a struggle familiar to anyone???? Nah you all have dying to self and living by Him in the Spirit down pat i know riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt Press on!!!!!


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