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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Realized Eschatology

I wanted to touch on something different here for a sec. I have written on this subject awhile back,when my blog was fairly new so hopefully now I will get more who read it lol. Preterism is another title that applies bacically meaning *past fulfillment* This is a particular way to look at and interpret the Bible hopefully one that leads to a fresher understanding and provides new awareness that may have been clouded previously.

The Bible was not written to us. Nope it wasn't. I don't see paul saying *greetings to you Robert barbara gary becky dana shaz karen laura and all the rest of the saints in usa lol (had to throw a few friends in there to illustrate the point) He wrote to specific churches. Now the Bible was written FOR us. O yes as Gods Word it was written FOR all!!!! Important truth to note is that while it IS Gods Word He had it written in specific literary genres ones that we humans use all the time. God limited Himself by placing His Word in print in language in style. The whole debate about literal vs symbolic hinges upon particular literary genre when is a biblical author writing poetically,when historicallly and when prophetically???? Well we KNOW when talking about the role of women in the church and as wives its ALL literal!!!!!! LOL Dont shoot me ladies jezz a leetle joke hehe hoho moving right along phew :D

Covenant Theology has a lot to with past fulfillment as well. The Bible contains 2 covenants old and new. The prevailing theological system in the west which has been so since tne 19th century is Premillennial Dispensationalism. This theology actually came from a man JN Darby not sure the exact year. It has been popularized by Hal Lindsey and his books most notably *Late Great Planet Earth* as well as the *Left Behind* series. A high view of the OTand reinstituting the Temple is held by this view. The Rapture is a huge theme and is seen as a cataclysmic event coinciding with armageddon and the unveling of the Antichrist as God removes His people from the earth for Jesus to return Antichrist and satan to be overcome and the new heaven and new earth to be created everything is wrapped up Paradise Restored That is a very picturesque ending to time as we know it sums everything up very nicely. I think things actually take place a lil differently though and from the Bible!!!

Jesus spoke to His disciples and all the people He addressed publicly about calamities occurring tumultuous events signaling the end times and antichrists coming. It is a very common practice to interpret Jesus Words as prophecy concerning the *end times* and the future. I think there is a major problem with this though. He was speaking to the people of that time and telling them of happenings in their timeframe. The Olivet discourse which is Jesus sermon on the Mt of olives is a good demonstration of this. He says that one of the people present will not see death till the events He speaks of come to pass. So logically speaking they cannot be prophecy about the distant future but the near future to make sense.

A key to past fulfillment is the date the book of Revelation was written. In AD70 roman army laid seige on jerusalem and pillaged the entire landscape destroying the Temple. The actions John talks about happening in Revelation very easily describe the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It makes sense as to the symbolic language as well being used by John. Jewish apocalypticsm was common and the people would understand it and its meaning. Whereas the romans would be lost and not know what was actually being said and alluded to. The main point is that Jesus ALREADY came back and fulfilled all the prophecies in the New Testament. The destruction of the Temple ended completely the entire OT system and brought in the New Covenant that Jesus created by His death burial and resurrection. Jesus doesnt need to come back HE ALREADY DID!!! The New Covenant IS the *new heaven and new earth* Jesus restores us to God as we were prior to the fall.

Well thats a very quick snapshot of the view. I will go into more detail if its wanted on another post. I am not a heretic lol from studying over last few years i really have come to see how Scripture pulls together in solid ways that are hazy when looked at as future. Google preterisn if you want to investigate more for yourselves. I hope brian and tony will weigh in as they are preachers and just would enjoy their take. I hope to hear what many of you think. Email is always welcomed too!!!!! This has been a subject of deep interest and fun for me. Hope it serves as a thought-stirrer. Peace and grace all!!!


At 10:24 PM, Blogger Tony Myles said...

I appreciate your swing at this, Robert. The thing I'd challenge, though, is that while those events did happen in the first century this does not limit them from happening again. We often view varying understandings of the end times as either/or, whereas I think there's a lot of yeah/and involved.

For instance, we read of a descendent of Eve stomping the head of the serpent. Several times in the older books we find this to be true - Sisera (translated: snake) is impaled through the head by a Jew; Jesus stomps on the devil via the resurrection; Romans 16:20 says that the God of peace will "soon" crush Satan underneath your feet. And so on.

Plenty of examples of this, but perhaps Jesus did come back... yeah/and will come back again.

Which means that the Bible is multi-dimensional, which would make sense for a divinely inspired work, eh?

At 12:16 AM, Blogger Robert said...

tony- hey man ty for stopping in yes i totally agree it is a both/and I definitely see the parallels as you suggest and am very open to letting God be as multidimensional as He chooses lol i want to get into more of it soon especially about literal and symbolic and the use of language by the biblical writers in using universal terms to actually mean local events hows that for a tease??? keep going on your series brother you pack a mighty punch!!

At 2:48 AM, Blogger Shaz said...

I need to learn a lot more before I can offer up an opinion.
But I do enjoy your thoughts and like what Tony added.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger NewCreation said...

Please check out my new website to cover verious errors that are being taught in Preterism. It might be a good site for a good laugh, or maybe might have some information for those who are weighing Preterism in the balance.



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