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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back to Basics

Life comes at you fast so says the pitch line of a certain commercial. How true it is. Have you ever played that game *If i were God*??? You know where you just try to come up with your own inimitable fashion for just how you would pull it off??? I cannot even remotely fathom it!!!! The enormity of it beyond boggles the mind!!! The intricacy of life and all its v ariables yikes no wonder i hate and fear math and logorithms and that ilk Minds are a funny thing. They can take so many twists and turns even in the course of a few seconds!!!! I wish i could more understand my own mind . I seem to go off on so many different directions. The only constant is change hows that for a lil irony eh???

I wanted to make a post titled ambiguity yes because i sense that a way which God operates in this Creation He has formed. The Bible is His Word and as Gods Word it has Authority but how clearcut black/white is that Word??? How simple does God make it for us human types to come to a unilateral agreement on what His Word means and how vits to be applied??? Wait whats that funny look on your faces??? Why the cocked eyebrow semigrin tilted head??? Isnt it a slamdunk that it is an easy thing to do that with His Word??? Well surprise surprise surprise and shazam gomer!!!! I wonder what would have happened had God allowed the tower of babel to be erected. Hmmmmm.....

Trust and obey for theres no other way to be happy in Jesusssssssssssssssssssssss (held out that note) than to trust and obey!!!!! I love that hymn!!! I have made that my underlying prayer so often. Why then does it not just automatically happen??? I trust and obey Him to an extent I have manmy ways in which i dont and i see almost everyone i know Im talking Jesus followers here folks so dont get it twisted dont completely do that either. Whats the deal??? I do a circle in my mind often starting with God searching out the doubts questions wonders problems disputes and such till i come back to God again. His Word satisfies me. The Bible proves itself to me. I dont get why i cant just live like how Jesus asks us all to within His Book. Im like the guy picking the daisy she loves me she loves me not ..... I obey and trust You I dont obey and trust You not and lots of times i have no clear reason why this is!!!!!!!!!! My feelings seem to take over and what the heck causes them to feel the way they feel???/ John 3:16 is the Gospel in a nutshe;ll. Why does my mind and heart fail to just live by that so oftem even as i scream out inside I WANT TO LOVE AND OBEY YOU AND BE YOURS GOD!!!!!!! I WANT TO BE WHO YOU WANT BUT I FAIL AND I FALL HELP ME TO GET PAST IT!!! That is my innermost cry. A few friends inspired this post Im so thankful once again for my blog friends they serve as Gods comfort and presence so often and funny thing is I think that is how God maintains His ambiguity. He wants us all to BE His presence His hands His feet His mind His heart as we relate to one another. What a concept!!! And we hear the stinging words of Gandhi in our ears * I like your Jesus i can accept Him its christians i cant deal with* or words to that effect!!!!

Make me like You Lord You are a servant make me one to Lord i am willing do what You must do to make me like You Lord please make me like You!!! AMEN!!!


At 3:41 AM, Blogger Shaz said...

Love that verse Robert xx
So often you post and leave me speechless (and that takes a lot lol) But you do it so well

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Lori said...

Hey Robert

Once again I am responding...

I believe God is restoring the Tabernacle of David....

Acts 15: 14-17

5:14 Simon has described to us how God at first showed his concern by taking from the Gentiles a people for himself. The words of the prophets are in agreement with this, as it is written:

"'After this I will return and rebuild David's fallen tent. Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it,

that the remnant of men may seek the Lord, and all the Gentiles who bear my name, says the Lord, who does these things'

Praise God.. Robert he is restoring Davids tabernacle "the tent"

A tent has pegs and moves with the mover. Be movable and pliable to all that God is, live and move and have your being in HIM.

Your on a journey, relax, drink the heavenly wine and listen to the voice that so desperately cries MERCY and GRACE between the cherubims..



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