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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just Incredible

I spent some time looking up various philosophical areas of thought for a sunday school class. Platonisn,Neoplatonism,empiricism,scientific naturalism,logical positivism. They all sought to locate comprehension of absolute truth and reality in mans ability to think and reason. Just incredible that wem and i use we collectively, never overcome the selfishness of adam & eve and wanting to be god ourselves.

I read and reread the Genesis account and try to understand why adam and eve wanted something other than the blissful existence they had with God in eden. They had innocence!!!! A couple of friends and I tried to imagine the thought processes of adam and eve before they sinned. Must have been so cool to be in total synch with God. I read an article about the fall and it really gave me a greater insight and awe at Gods love and grace for us. He had set boundaries for His creation,because He knew it was for their ultimate protection and good. Even after they both rebelled and disobeyed Him, God gave them consequences and death but the death was not a spiritual death which happened as soon as God removed them from the garden. The death is the physical death we all must face. God still cared for and loved adam and eve, giving compassion and grace to them as He sent them out to live east of eden.

My feelings do not determine Gods existence. God IS, regardless how i feel from one moment to the next. My feelings do not determine His presence. He is always present, whether i feel it ot not. Why does it seem that the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other as far as thoughts and emotions go??? We are totally following our minds or totally following our hearts. My emotional barometer is usually very centered and on cruse control , just sailing along chillin. If i think about it too much though i seem to swing back and forth to anxious feelings and then controlled ones. i can run so many scenarios in my head in minutes its crazy. Just incredible sometimes that I make it as I do, so much wackiness within me.

A friend told me sometimes its needed and good to hear words from someone else who knows where your hurting and struggling. He is so right. Blogging serves this purpose so greatly. Just incredible is God in His mystery and awesomeness, as well as all of you in your caring and sharing and challenges.


At 7:01 AM, Blogger Becky said...

What if we never fit in...are supposed to fit in??

May seem like a random question but it's a struggle for me that always wanting to FIT.....

Love thinking about Him and Adam and Eve....their walking with Him every nite in the garden and how they gave that up ....how often I do too....


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