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Monday, October 12, 2009


We all know what that word means right??? Opponent,foe,enemy and any other synonyms that fit. Know what else it means??? SATAN!!!! I wish i had a soundbite of Dana Carvey saying that!!! LOL Yes, definition of satan in the Bible is adversary. It is actually a transliteration of a Hebrew word which is ha-shatan or the satan. I have written on this before but hopefully knew readers are always stopping by so......

Satan as adversary is NOT a proper name. It's not like Peter, Paul,John, Satan. It is actually a function. Satan functions as an adversary. A key also is that anywhere the word satan shows up in the Bible, you can use adversary and it means exactly the same thing. This is HUGE!!! The reason why it's huge is that translators belie a doctrinal prejudice by using satan, because it reinforces the doctrinal teaching of satan being a supernatural fallen angel. If they use adversary, that connotation is not given.

God alone is immortal and omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Satan is said to be able to tempt us and attack us anytime.anywhere so we have to beware and alert for him. How can a being who does NOT have omnipresence accomplish this??? How can he be attacking me and at the sametime be attacking President Obama if he does not have omnipresence??? See the dilemma??? There is no place in Scripture where it tells of satan and his angels being cast out of Heaven before Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Isaiah references lucifer and that has been interpreted as satan and his fall due to pride. Look at the entire context. Lucifer means shining one or lightbearer and is referring to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who had been attacking Israel and putting himself above God. The verse in Revelation is apocalyptic and is referring to the Old Covenant system which is being judged and abolished to bring in the New Covenant. This is a whole other discussion though.

The main point is, satan/adversary is actually the inherent sinful nature we recieved from Adam and Eve, which Jesus came to destroy and did so by living a perfect life which He also sacrificailly gave up for us all to save us. Look at all the references to sin and rebellion against God throughout the Bible. Look how it points to mans disobedience, mans pride and stubbornness. works of the flesh. If satan were truly a supernatural angel with powers like that of God Himself. shouldn't God have had the writers of Scripture make him a much more central character??? Shouldn't satan be the one to recieve punishment and judgment as opposed to us mere mortals????

Hope to hear any and all comments on this. The analogy of the angel and devil on our shoulders is really more accurate than it gets credit for :)


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