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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Quite an interesting word. Nothing. Is it positive or negative??? I guess it depends on the context it's used in. Context determines a lot of things,even though we may not consciously be aware of context in the midst of going about our day. I think theologically nothing has a very meaningful context.

Nothing is impossible with God, nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Pretty powerful images there. Why is it we have constant need for reminder that these statements are true??? I was reading a post on a blog talking about gospel-centred preaching,whether it ever gets old. The author made the point that it never gets old and is always relevant and infuses is because we tend to drift from it if we don't have the reminder. If you read the Bible you will see Jesus and alot of the other authors in various books repeat themselves quite a bit. It is because we need that emphasis and reminder!!!!

Sometimes I feel alone in my battles with fear,rejection,abandonment,death. Feel is the appropriate word because with my mind i know i am far from alone. I saw another post at Kingdom Grace where she was talking about how believers universally have underlying issues with rejection and abandonment,even in regards to God. The reassurance of the Gospel is an antidote to these struggles. Nothing. Fear makes nothing into a very frightening and empty place. It takes away the feeling of comfort and assurance,stability and calmness, replacing it with anxiety,loss and worry. I think it gets worse when accompanied by a doublewhammy of thinking/feeling that no fear should be present at all to begin with, so you are reeling from fear and then fear of the fear.Nothing. Nothing can stop the fear or the uneasiness it causes. Or can it???

Thankfully there is something that can replace the nothing fear tries to inpose. I just want to keep the something always present with me. Of course it IS always present as God can never be made to disappear. Fear tries to make that feel like He is though. Sometimes circumstances and events that occur in life make it seem true. Pain,suffering,rejection,ridicule,failings. All can contribute to a feeling of having nothing. Gods grace and love speak differently though.

What do you think about nothing??? Do you ever feel like your nothing??/ Or that nothing can overcome your struggles??/ Do you feel nothing can overcome the love of God as you experience it??/ Always curious to hear anyones thoughts. Peace.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Aphra said...

Nothing and eternity are vast concepts.
Before the world was made there was nothing. What did that look like? I don't think we can see it through human eyes, nor can we grasp eternity.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger karen said...

I don't think we can grasp it either.
Nothingness feels so empty and lonely and fear-ridden, and yet it takes us being stripped to nothingness in order to be lifted back up.


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