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Friday, July 09, 2010

Peace & Love

Seems like the wind is swirling around here there and everywhere lately. So many topics being covered in so many varying ways. Willingness to question presuppositions and beliefs that could bring about unexpected change for those taking on the journey.

Just how does God want us to know Him ?? What does it really mean that God is love??? Jesus is the Rock, He is the True Word of God, and the Bible is a revelation which directs us to Him,but are there ways we turn the Bible into an idol and by doing so actually mask over Jesus as He truly intends for us to know Him??? What are the complete ramifications of the Bible being written by fallible humans, even as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit??? Did God actually use their propensity for error and mistakes of judgment and character to comunicate all He wanted us to know with those very flaws included??? How do we know God is supportive of the canon as we have it?? These are questions i have seen being reexamined with fresh eyes across the blogosphere.

My battle with fear has been experienced by me as a barrier to fully realizing the power of Gods love & peace. Somehow I have had distortions from different things inside myself that link my performance to receiving Gods love & peace, even though I rationally know better. As a friend commented, i may have a form of OCD which has taken a toll on my thought processes and trying to embrace Gods total love of and for me,regardless of my maturity and ability to perform as He calls for. Actually realizing that I fail Him and being ok with that may be key to freedom in getting to a place where fear has no power and I can live in the security of His love and peace. Not comfort or safety, because life is filled with pain,suffering and unknown happenings. But security, knowing fully as it says in His Word--- nothing can separate me from Gods love which is found in Jesus Christ!!!


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