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Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Pursuit

Pursuing is the name of this blog. Seeking to pursue Jesus and His call to follow Him as He followed His Father. Many obstacles and diversions happen in this journey. An amazing reality is God is always in hot pursuit of us. Knowing and understanding God is an undertaking that is truly beyond scope. How can we,with finite minds that are prone to self-seeking, possibly hope to even come close to understanding and knowing God in a profound way??? Yet He calls us to that very thing.

I feel stuck on just what to write about lately. Thought sharing my own story and the trials and tribulations would be good, but i don't know. I want to seek to wrap myself and my thoughts all around His love and grace.It just hits me lately how much diversity there is in the way people think about God and Jesus. Alot of dogmatic statements are made very often, making it seem like a very small circle where we all should be finding our way too, if we truly were seeking God. There are verses which point to such a narrow focus. However, there are so many verses that point to an unbelievable acceptance which lacks so often in our dealings with each other, Gods love and grace appear to be insurmountable and will reach even the most hardened of hearts. Sometimes everything becomes a blur and a whirlwind,trying to get my bearings. As always, like to hear any and all comments.


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous mariam said...

The smaller the circle and the narrower the focus the less of God will fit.


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