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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Jason Boyett, author of a book on doubt called, *O Me of Little Faith*, had a great post on his blog recently dealing with the question of honesty and is it really what we want??? I encourage everyone to go to his site and read his post, it is genuinely thought-provoking. For me, the thought had me wondering about my sharing on here and responses i get or may get. You can only present just so much of yourself on a blog. It simply has many limitations due to its very nature. You share what you choose to share, editing and censoring as you go,leaving things out and failing to take into account various nuances which comprise the whole of your being. Sorry folks but no one can get across the entirety of their being on a blog- just can't happen.

I have shared some very personal,painful,embarrassing,uncomfortable things on here about me and my life. I have done so for a multiple amount of reasons. Finding this a place where i can seek to share in a way i have no other place to do so. A way to reach out to likeminded people. A way to reach out to totally different people and gain fresh perspectives. Possibly family and friends may have or will read this and come away with a different idea of me, one which may not be as positive as they had held. I think all those risks are worth it. I know God has used not only my writing here, but so many people and their comments as well as other blogs to touch me and bring about transformation. i am not the same person i was in 2005 when i began this, thank You God, lol. Sometimes its very hard to see my own growth and worth because i focus so harshly on my weaknesses and failures. I wish i could personally hug and thank all the people who have left an imprint on me by their words, even if it was just once.

So, how do you feel about risking??? Worth it?? Do you feel the tug of sharing too much too openly or holding back and not sharing enough??? Love to hear from any and all!!!


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Becky said...

So, how do you feel about risking??? Worth it??

always...IF I got the guts He's got the coverage....but a real BIG IF on the guts part....


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