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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I can't imagine what Adam would have done had God never created Eve. Don't you get a lil loopy after lengthy periods of time where all you have for company is you and your own mind??? No wonder schizophrenics hear lots of voices- they want company!!! lol Ok well maybe why so many create invisible friends anyhow if they are lonely.

I wonder how we develop the thought patterns and world-views that we do??? Determinism vs freewill plays out in so many aspects of life doesn't it??? We really do have a tension between the 2 no matter what side of the scale we are on I think, if we are brutally honest with ourselves. Brennan Manning does a maginificent job of depicting our true condition, whether we are believers or not. We are a myriad of paradoxes and question marks. How often have you had a fantastic mountaintop experience you wanted to have last forever but you act in a way that bring you deep down in the valley???

Just what does it mean to be fully human and a totally committed Christ-follower??? Always hear the remarks about *walking the talk* and *being a real christian not a carnal one* Do we not all fail so many times everyday to live out what the bar is set at as far as perfect christian behavior and attitude??? How close do we actually come to loving God with our entire being and loving all our neighbors as ourselves??? Doesn't God have absolute understanding about our all too fragile condition??? I mean after all, David who was the *man after Gods own heart* was an adulterer and a murderer!!! Just thinking about the vastness of His grace, must be a good reason why it is amazing grace!!!!

Share any of your thoughts please :)


At 10:58 PM, Blogger jennypo said...

Hi Robert,

Just stopping by. This makes me think of a book about the life of Oswald Chambers called Abandoned to God. I highly recommend it if you can get a copy. Chambers' main message was that the Christian life is not about striving to attain a standard, but about allowing God freedom and control in our lives, and that God would accomplish all that he had set out to do in us, not through our trying, but through our bending to him in love and appreciation. He maintains that Jesus has come to set us free from not only the end of sin (death) but the power of sin in our lives, and ultimately - in heaven - even the presence of sin.

Do we have the kind of God who holds out a perfect standard, knowing what we are, and never re-makes us into the kind of beings that meet his standard? Yes, it's a process - we aren't there yet. I, for one, am very very far from perfect. But I'm so glad to think of what I was 10 years ago and to remember all the sins that trapped me then and no longer do! God is changing me, and re-making me into something more than I was. If all I do is struggle to meet the standard, I'll only feel discouraged. God loves me as I am - but he loves me enough that he won't leave me as I am.

God loves you, too, just as you are. He sees past the destruction that sin has wrought in your life. He sees the beauty of his own creative expression - you. He won't leave his creation to rot and decay under the force of sin unless you refuse him. He will, at any cost, conform you to his Son. HE will. He knows you can't. He's not holding out the hoop for you to jump through. He knows you deeply and loves you truly, as no friend on earth ever can.

At 2:27 AM, Anonymous mariam said...

I liked your comment about how schizophrenics hear voices so they are not alone. It is so important to share and hear the voices of others so we don't go crazy. We will go crazy if we spend too much time in our own head.


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