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Monday, January 23, 2012


Ever feel like a pinball??? Life just bounces you here there and everywhere and when you get past the flippers you just get sprung back into the game all over again??? Seemed like a good analogy to me lately. The internet has truly been a smorgasbord for sharing all kinds of things amongst everyone. Communication is a very powerful thing and of course can be done for good or evil.

Navigating God and His Will has been a pinball-like journey mostly. Even more so last several years as broader discussion has been taking place from so many angles and perspectives. The quandary my soul has been in lately, and i say soul because it involves all of me not just my mind, is coming to grips with absolutist paradigm versus subjective/relative one. I am a hopeful universalist, hoping that we all end up together forever with God in whatever way He sees fit for it to be. But the pinball spins and bounces and careens all over as those voices which declare such a hope to be anathema to the Bible, to Jesus and Gof the Father just shout over and over. There is one correct interpretation of Scripture and the Holy Spirit makes sure all true believers know it. True believers who have been born again will experience the unlimited joy and fullness of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Presence in such a way their lives will be nonstop testimonies of their faith and obedience to Him.

Problem is.....what if you believe and DON'T experience all that as espoused??? I ask this in a contemplative way. I see both sides played out across the net, in books, articles, sermons you name it. How do you deal with questioning when the very act of questioning itself is made to feel like a sinful act of rebellion itself???? How to avoid the serpents tempting words??? *surely God hath not said* God respected Jobs questioning Him and seeking answers didn't He?? Still need to think through more on all this. Please share if anything rings true at all for you.


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