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Monday, January 30, 2012


God definitely is uncensored, why would He not want us to be?? So many things swirling around inside. Wish I had the time and ability to lay them all out cohesively and concisely. Faith and Reason still going at it, just like in the Enlightenment days.

Why do so many think a literal 6 day Creation has to be or else the Bible loses credibility??? What is the true nature of how the ancient peoples in that time understood Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch??? How do we get ourselves to be able to see through the prism that they did and not our own presuppositions???

When did death begin??? How do we understand the *spiritual death* of Adam & Eve as being separated from God and lost in sin??? Why does the entire OT not discuss hell as it has traditionally been understood over the ages??? Sheol does not mean hell. Why did Paul make no mention of it when it is the one thing we are to most seek to avoid and escape???

Why would God whose self-definition is Love, who left His position as God to become a human, and not just any human but the lowest level one- a slave, allow most of His creation to be eternally separated from Him forever??? Sin is defined as missing the mark of Gods perfect holiness. Hmmm how could ANY human EVER achieve such a thing??? Would that not make us equal to God???

Why does chaos happen as it does??? Some lioves perish before even leaving the womb. Some die by natural disaster because they were in the wrong plave at the wrong time. Some die lingering, tortuous deaths of sheer agony. Why????

Just going to lay out stuff for awhile. Hopefully some may stop by and take a peek.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger karen said...

I love your questions, Robert! I've asked all of those and have gotten some good answers! The bible is rife with science, and spiritual meaning...and literal is not always the best method of interpretation.
When I look at only the words that have been translated, the meaning comes out and smacks me upside the head.
Keep asking!


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