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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar

I performed this play in high school. i played a roman soldier. My director was an agnostic who relished arguing with me over why Christianity was not for everyone,and i think he purposely made me play scenes where i had to be brutal to Jesus thinking it would upset me. i used it as motivation to make the scenes as real as they were meant to be. The play actually takes the point-of-view that judas had or might have had. It is actually well-written from that vantage point and makes some interesting points, especially when the scene where the zealots try to get jesus to be their political Messiah. Jesus sings a song telling how no one understands Him or God really and how our humanness limits us from really seeing. As i think about this title though,,, it strikes me how really Antichrist its message is. Jesus was the the virtual antithesis of a superstar. He held the TOP POSITION of all creation!!!! talk about bigtime!!!! BUT....... oh and what a huge but........ Jesus didn't care about His *position* He sought to become the lowest of the low. A servant to all. He had all the power that could ever exist, He held the right to absolute worship and adulation and absolute prestige and He never sought to act on it EVER!!!! The temptations in the desert from satan show His total lack of ego so succinctly. He was at the point of physical,emotional,mental exhaustion and satan tried to tempt Him. Jesus immediate response was to turn to Gods Word and His mission which was to ALWAYs do the Fathers will.

No superstar would act like Jesus did not any i have ever seen on this planet. Yet, jesus is truly the only genuine superstar in the epitome of all it should mean. Reflecting on this makes me think of how He acted in the mundane areas of life. He ministered, constantly. He took time to refresh by going off alone and spending time with God. He didn't seek spectacualr experiences, although He created many Himself kinda helps when You are the Lord and Savior of all creation uh yea lol i just am really struck by Jesus true humility when He was the ONLY one who had a right to show an ego. helps me to realize God is active even in the wee bitty things which we wish alot would turn into excitement and amazement of some kind.


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