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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

seeking to change

Alot of us have been talkin gabout our travels on the journey with God. Some very similar themes in alot of our lives. I think it is one of the greatest joys and blessings God uses blogging to accomplish in helping us develop a sense of community. Just because we are not face to face or in person doesnt lessen the reality of it. challenging each other, encouraging, pushing exhoring,and any other way to do it. I want to take the risk and the step to seek these things in an open way from any and all who desire to after reading any of my posts. I know many prayers from some of you have worked very mightily in helping me attimes. i wantto seek that and also be one who is there for any who want it.

i work with a lot of younger guys. Im 45, they are all in their early mid or late 20s. They are fun but stil very much have a high school/college mentality- go out get drunk go to strip clubs play poker and the cycle continues. I am the odd one out as far as those acxtivities go which is cool. i get along with them fine for the most part. But there are 2 who seem to take a special glee in getting my goat, for no ther reason than to do it!!! They will make comments about me concerning something i did or said or something to do with my apperance, mostly weight. Because of my past i am just easily triggered by those kinds of comments, especially when i sense it coming in a condescending manner. i KNOW they do it to get a reaction i KNOw it!!!!!! yet i still cannot seem to just let it roll off my back and ignore it or laugh at it. i have tried to and when i do they just try harder to make me react. i have tried to reason with them and tell them it bothers me and i dont deserve to be talked to like that, they act like im being too sensitive and being to touchy or a baby about it. It bothers me so much i guess because i want to just let it go but at the sametime i want to NOT just letthem think im there for their amusement to use as a target for their desire to put someone down.

My point here...... suggestions...... anyone have a similar experience??? All suggestiuons are welcome. I want to know if Im just making too much out of it, am i just needing to chill>???? How do i just let it go and not have emotional reaction or get upset and angry over it???/ i let it bug me to the point i get grumpy and lose enjoying my time at work, because im so caught up with how do i handle their next comment or how can i NOT let it upset me??? i hope this isnt coming across as a whining thing i definitely am not seeing it that way. i just want to turn it over to God the way i need to and be over it. Thanks for reading and for amy prayers and comments you care to make.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger bjk said...

So when do they make these comments??

I would hazard the guess that their comments have nothing to do with you, but what is going on in their lives and what you probably show in how you live yours .. ...they're probably lost and if not then there's another way to go with them.....there is a blogger called UPRISING and she said....'the best setting for a sighting of YOU is a full surrender of me'.......He's got your back Robert, He didn't promise us no pain in fact He said we would be persecuted......not saying that's what's happening but what if it is......our past experiences can keep us from new ones......YOU are loved Robert, by the God of the universe YOU ARE LOVED....now I ask myself as much as you....HOW CAN I LET THAT BE ENOUGH FOR ME.....arghhhhh

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Layla said...

Personally I think you should just kick their asses and show them who's boss to teach them a little humility.

Not really but I hope you found a smile in that.

Becky is so right! This is not about you, Bob, its about their immaturity and insecurity. People that are mature and secure don't go around putting down others.

I suggest you view them as pathetic lost boys in need of Christ.

As far as what to say to them, unfortunately the only way to get across to people like this is at their own level. So if you really want to stop them you'll have to think of "What would Jesus say to these guys that will get through to them?" He had harsh words sometimes, but never delivered them in a harsh way (well he did get pretty pissed off in the temple that time....).

Anyhow buddy, I know it hurts. But please, keep trying to let it roll off your back. The two little snots just need to grow up AND hopefully find out what LIFE is all about.


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