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Sunday, February 18, 2007


One of the things we MUST have to live, and yet one of the things that causes sooooooooooooo much pain,heartache,frustration as well as joy,bliss and you name it. it amazes me at how little time food actually spends on our tongues. Some can take lots of time chewing and savoring every bite. I would like to be that way lol i tend to be a gobbler though, devouring my food in rapid-like fashion. Food has come to the forefront for me very recently in the past year due to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I am just a lil above the normal level for my blood sugar, but high enough i have meds to keep it under control. Drink is actually wayyyyyyyyyyyy tougher for me than food. Im a true pop addict, 7-UP, Pepsi,Fruit Punch. I have made major inroads into drinking water alot more but its soooooooooooo tough. That taste og pop on my tongue i sadly admit must be like how alcohol or drugs taste or feel to those who consume them. I just pray and seek to have water become more and more what i choose day by day.

i saw on 20/20 friday night, an expose about LA weight loss. People who used to be diet counselors for them admitting tey knew nothing about helping people lose weight nor about nutrition or anything!!!! They were trained and told to SELL SUPPLEMENTS!!!!!!!! MAKE MONEY!!!! They were told to use persoanl info about the people who were prospective clients in order to make them feel bad and thus lur them into buying more products!!!!!!!!! I just wondered why our food industry is not built around health and nutrition its built around junk and MONEY!!!!! Mcdonalds supposedly made a more healthy list of menu items BUT they are majorly unhealthy overall. i wish we could do more like Tony Campolo and join big corporations in order to have a voice where we could seek to influence for change so that hunger would not be so rampant across the world and so that these companies would seek to be less moneydriven and more humanity driven in all the ways they choose to manage their businesses.

On another personal note, Ai also have diverticulitis which affects my digestion and how food breaks down inside. Alot of *good foods* are actually a problem for me because of this. bad enough im already limited as to all the foods i really should eat. Now i have this added!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!! Chicken anyone?????? I hope they dont have chicken in Heaven i will have had more than my share here tyvm!!!!!!!!1


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