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Saturday, September 22, 2007

food and sex

Are there any other subjects that combine pleasure and pain in such a deeply entenched way??? Sorry but politics can't be trown in this mix. Well, I imagine there are some who get pleasure from politics *apologies to the Clintons* I know i know a cheap shot Hillary can take it. These 2 subjects really do play a tremendous role in our lives, even from the very beginning. Both can be so wonderful and beneficial even nutritious. Food is nutritious to our health and wellbeing sex is nutritious to our emotions and overall wellbeing. Both can become toxic when used in wrong way or too excess.

I was the same weight pretty much all through high school weight appropriate. I stayed active and so had a good metabolism. i had terrible eating habirs though. I became a true popaholic mainly 7-up and pepsi and a junk food junkie as well as sub sandwiches and pizza. I could eat as much as i wanted and it didnt affect me at all............... THEN. Key word is THEN. Once I got into my third year of college living in a dorm eating from the cafeteria my exercise not as prevalent my weight began a gradual change and my metabolism slowed. Very tough to turn off a lengthy time of eating habits all of a sudden. The other thing was growing up I mostly ate because i was hungry now as an adult more and more i found alot of times I would eat for emotional reasons. To block pain, provide comfort,serve as an anesthetic. Food really works well that way. Problem is it only lasts a short time and then the inner demon starts to talk all the negative vicious angry vile selftalk that comes from so many varied sources but i think is fueled from the pit of hell itself. If you are a lucky individual who doesnt experience this PRAISE GOD AND THANK HIM SO MUCH but for those who do suffer it it can really be equated to hell when ot gets to a certain intensity. USA culture unfortunately only axts as a codependent, an enabler when it comes to food. All our advertising is sooooooooooo out of balance in favor of destructive eating habits and unhealthy foods. The bottomline behind that??? MONEY McDonalds wants to stay in business. As does KFC Taco Bell Dairy Queen and countless others and of course we freely choose to feed our bad habits so deeply ingrained and tied into making ourselves feel good.

Sex. The word itself conjures up a cornucopia of images and attitudes * i think i might have gotten alot of points in scrabble with that word hehe* SEx saturates our culture and not in a good way. Sex touches us at a level i think that can only be outdone by music and God seriously. Do you think it's a coincidence that the thing people cry out when they are in the throes of pleasure is * O MY GGGGGGGGGGG* Many people equate orgasm with having a spiritual experience and I think they may very well be right as God intended it to be. The fall has made sure we have transformed sex into something that is way different from Gods intention. SEx abuse is so rampant all over the world. It leaves scars that will only be full;y healed by God once we are in eternity i fear. I know i stil have struggles that link back abuse experiences from older boys i grew up with on my block. i know many who have had family members or close friends abuse them and the effects still can be felt even when the person is way into their senior citizen years. Sex is a powerful force and ravages us when unleashed and untamed. Much as food does. Sex can definitely serve as a sedative and source of pleasure. Many people can't sleep until they have relief from self-pleasure. Only trying to be real here not to be gratuitous in any way shape or form.

My dream of my *risking openness* group I would like to have is that those who face these 2 aeas of struggle and they are 2 of the most common and most potent we all face,can have a place where all who share do so without the sting of feeling judged and condemned by having the struggles,especially as believers. I have shared her in my archives of my experiences having to resign a ministry and leave seminary due to sexual sin. Though the people were kind and gracious for the most part, with many there was just an unmistakable sense of judgment and rejection i felt towards me, a sense that i had hurt them and failed them and God. This is very true and in many ways valid, but forgiveness and grace afre also hallmarks of Gods dealings with sin and even sins committed by those in leadership positions for Him. I just would sincerely want the group to be as free open and gracefilled as is possible to help break the cycle and undo the shame and guilt which prevents healing and overcoming of these 2 poisons that permeate everywhere.

All feedback wanted and welcomed. As Becky likes to say *keep trudging*!! Blessings All!!


At 5:13 PM, Blogger Awareness said...

Hi robert....thank you so much for your support and vote of confidence... am not looking forward to tomorrow returning to work, but I will just continue doing my job and go from there. I do have faith that things will sort themselves out.

I didn't get your email.....you sent me one?

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Barbara said...

Roberto, this is excellent....can I link to it? I resonate to what you are saying here (as you know). Wow...I have a lot to say but will save it for later.

Dude, this was good. Thanks for writing it and thanks for letting me call you "dude". :)


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