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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Radical Grace

The early church turned the world upside down. That is what it says in Scripture. Love conquered over all resistance and opposition to it. I grew up after recieving Christ at 16 in a nondenominational Christain Church. It wasa church that was part of a group known as the Restoration Movement. This is the title given because the purpose and intent of the churches aligned together as such was to restore the NT church back to how it was as it began and remove the baggage of denominationalism. Easier in theory than practice. Martin Luther was a siolid Catholic monk when he posted his 95 theses on thr church door at Wittenburg in Germany. He intended to reform the Roman Catholic Church, instead a schism occurred and a whole new church was born as a result of his reform efforts.

God is far greater than our theologies. He will not br thwarted despite the most diabolical schemes satan or the evil heart of man can cook up. Jesus death was supposed to destroy all hope from satans view and yet God made it become the source of all hope by His resurrection. The Christian Church seeks to be as adhered to pure and unscathed doctrinal teaching on the Bible as can possibly happen. Famous saying that evolved from their adherents is *where the Bible speaks we sprak where the Bible is silent we are silent* Very solid dictate but it was stated by a fallen man none of us can live out or up to what Jesus did. As humans with minds we all have differing opinions and thoughts and many times fail to come to agreement on various issues and verses. In the essentials most are unified completely but slight variance still occur, its just the way it is.

A whole new reformation is rumbling it appears right now and has been for sometime, just now its taking on steam. A new vision and model of how worship and fellowship are to take place. I hate saying how church takes place because PEOPLE are the CHURCH. Its not JUST a saying its reality. How can you go to something and do somethinmg that you are???? We go to a meeting place to worship and fellowship. We ARE the Church!!! I think not using proper wording contriburs to a faulty understanding and this is NOT legalstic its seeking to keep things as intended by God and Jesus. Diffferent interpretations of Scripture happen among men equally equipped according to the qualifications Scripture itself lays out. The Spirit shouls ultimately supersede the letter in dealing with these disagreements. Love is ultiamte not being right!!!! Unfortuantely i can say far too often and not just in the Christain Church, the focus is on BRING DOCTRINALLY CORRECT and not love. I think Scripture would fall on the side of love and heres where radical grace also comes in.

Grace is God giving all of us what we dont deserve. Grace isnt fair. If God were fair every last one of us would be dissolved into dust back to where we came from because of our failure to perfectly keep Gods law and obey Him. Hallelujah God chooses grace!!! Grace is in tension with obedience. Jesus calls us to obey Him and the Father, to do what is right,to act in ways that are holy and righteous duplicating His life and good worls. Yet grace offers us Gis love and acceptance despite our fa8lures to carry out that very call to obedience and holiness. Look at the parable of the workers in the field as well as the theif on the cross. All did practically nothing in the way of true obedience and holiness yet God granted them grace. Radica!!

I want to develp these thoughts more over time in a more personal way. i have placed myself behind locked doors way too long feeling and thinking I just couldnt and didnt live up to the measuring stick. True, Grace says wipe away the measuring stick and just live free in the gift i give you!!! None of this is new info but its coming alive to me in a fresh way!!!! i pray God will keep wrestling with me and uprooting what is junk deep down for what is solid and eternal!!!! Praise You Almighty God!!!!!!


At 4:01 AM, Blogger Awareness said...

Hi Robert. Just catching up on some of your more recent posts.

One of my first thoughts after reading........I see Grace as a gift given when we aren't expecting it or paying attention. I think that's why it's such a heart tripper when we experience the touch of God in this way. My feeling is that we can't go searching for it......we simply need to live our lives as part of the body of Christ.......to be kind, forgiving and to love one another unconditionally and the moments of grace will flutter in through a window. Whenever it happens to me.....when I feel a sense of God's presence (which sometimes happens when I'm in the middle of a counselling session...) there is a warmth that goes right through me. We don't have to go looking for it.....it will find us.

My other thought...? Have you read a book entitled "Messy Spirituality" by Mike Yaconelli? I just read it and LOVED it's messages because I could relate wholeheartedly. He writes about how Jesus loves and understands the people struggling to learn the way.....who are figuring it out through a stumbling, up and down path.....whose religion and beliefs are "messy"........He writes of misfits like myself who don't know ALL the stories of the Bible.......who question it all....who have messed up and are fearful and who are doing the best they can. It was very comforting, funny, and helpful to read. I think you'd like it.

Enjoy your week Robert.....and may God's light shine on you.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Shaz said...

Hi Robert I too have been catching up. i believe theres going to be a strong movement and shft in church the way we see it and your right things are changing now. Here in Australia big things have been prophesied and the reality of those prophecys are coming to fruition and its huge. My in-laws are pastors and things are happening.I believe Grace is given to prove you are loved when you cant comprehend wether you deserve it or not but God believes we all deserve love. Great thoughts xx


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