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Sunday, September 09, 2007

is it crazy or plausible??

i have a post of a different sort this time. I have posted before on the 9/11 conspiracy theory. i have a friend who is very deep inside the camp that believes this. He is a believer and he lays out well-reasoned list of why he believes this is so. As the anniversary approaches i felt the desire to lay out most of his arguments. Sorry to any and all who hate political discussion but this delves into areas beyond just politics.

First he says we must have an enemy. In order to pull off the kind of events he says our govt has been pulling off we must have an enemy to stand against and parade before the people. False flag operations have been carried out by the CIA since the 50s. These are operations where the govt holds military exercises at the sametime they carry out a plan that is exactly what the exercises are. These exercises are reported to have happened at oklahoma city at the bombings in england and on 9/11. Al Queda is believed to be a CIA creation. Bin-Laden was recruited by US govt during the Carter administration in order to help fight the Russians in Afghanistan. All the Arab leaders who are friendly to us in the Middle East are actually cooperating with the New World Order.

The thought is that some kind of major terrorist even will occur somewhere in a major city to create a furor and provide justification for war against Iran. A theological aspect to all this is that Dispensational Premillennialism which is close to the predominant eschatological view in USA now, and is the view underscoring the Left Behind series as well as Billy Graham and most of the evangelical churches and movements, purports to bring about Armageddon and Jesus retirn by having as many jews return to Israel rebuild the Temple and cause the End to happen. All the presidents going back, im not sure have been menbers of the Council on Foreign Relations. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are members of the CFR. There is a book writtten back in the early 90s i believe by a christian who had been intimately involvef in govt affairs called Enroute To Global Occupation by gary kah he lays out alot of info detailing a spiritual battle which affects politics.

Well, that is most of it in a small nutshell. There is a whole lot more but would take way to long and take away from the point. Please know this is NOT my own view and not how i see things. I think he and those who also have these views provide some interesting challenges that can be and should be more fully investigated. I myself hope this is the stuff of James Bond novels and too many movies but i allow a tiny crevice of authenticity about some of it and it truly is frightening. God is in control. Time will tell what He allows before He acts to bring it all to a close for eternity.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger David Cho said...

I cannot think of anything more idiotic than Christians applying end times prophecy to politics. This is the modern day Spanish Inquisition. Future generations will look back and say, 'what were they thinking.'

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Robert said...


excellent point and that is a major reason why i have made posts about preterism or past fulfillment hal lindsey in his *late great planet earth* made applying prophecy to politics a trendy thing to do within the christian world. Dispensational Premillennialism does that very thing and it has affected politics due to there being govt officials with the theology that influences their actions. This is what has fueled the relationship between USA and Israel in a major way as well. Thanks for stopping by david hope to see you more often bro.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hi Robert, I'm reading just don't have much to say in the way of comments these days.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Gary Means said...

The idea that the Bush administration was clever enough and subtle enough to have planned, executed, and covered a scheme like that is laughable. The same people who content that Bush was behind 9/11 also describe him as a complete moron in every other instance. One only has to look at the way the administration planned for "victory" in Iraq to see that they were totally incapable of a conspiracy to blow up the twin towers.

But then again, if the Bush administration is merely a pawn of the CIA, then it all makes perfect sense. Yeah, right. Go listen to (or read) Michael Medved for a while. He'll disabuse a person of any notions that the CFR or the Trilateral Commission or the Skull and Crossbones Society is going to take over the world.

Yes, you are right. God is in control, even though at times the evidence of that fact is scant or circumstantial at best.


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