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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Deep Stuff

Ever listen to that song by the group SuperTramp?? *the logical song*??? I really like that song, the lyrics are really cool for a pop song lol. Sometimes the questions run so deep for such a simple man. God truly is beyond the grasp of mere humans to fully comprehend Him and His ways, if it were not so then He would not be the Almighty God He is. Since He gave us brains though, and He chose to reveal Himself both by general/natural revelation as well as special revelation it behooves us to make use of our minds and understand Him as He desires us to.

The Bible has to be the most controversial book of all time. Rightfully so as it is the only book of its kind,making the claims for itself that it does. A key thing is that Jesus declared the Scriptures to be God's Word. The Scriptures He spoke of happen to be the Old Covenant. If anyone wants to discredit or defame the Bible then they must also do the same to Jesus by virtue of His stand on the Scriptures. If Jesus authenticity comes into question then a whole huge can of worms is opened up.

Gandhi made a famous statement once, *I like your Jesus very much, it is His followers i have a hard time with* or something to that effect. Christians can be both the best and worst examples of who Jesus is. History shows alot of atrocities committed by the Church not to mention individual believers. The key is Jesus did not tell anyone to come to His folowers and recieve everlasting life, but to come to Him!!!!! Any who claim His Name should be admonished when it's deserved and called out by those who are watching with a wondering eye. To avoid,reject or disregard Jesus on the basis of the failure of any of His followers is to make a grave and crucial error that should not be made.

Pain and suffering. These 2 are about the toughest of anything we all face in this life. How to handle them,why do they happen,what is the purpose in it??? Tons of answers can be given. For me the deepest answer and the ultimate one that satisfies the longing both mentally and emotionally- the Cross. God let His Son experience the worst pain and suffering anyone will ever experience, and He took it FOR US. To know this as reality in our deepest core and to realize just how incredible that shows God to be, how much love He has by showing us through the Cross!!!!! Deep Stuff!!!!


At 5:20 AM, Blogger Nettie said...

That is Deep Stuff! I love reading your posts. Brings me back to where I should be. Thank you.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger bjk said...

really good stuff Robert.....thanks


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