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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Staying Present

Avoid living in the past or the future, live in the present, in the moment. That is very wise advice and a solid objective to have. Don't you find it tough to carry out though??? Well actually are not a great deal of what is true wisdom and virtue hard to maintain??? I think if it were not then we would lack a tremendous need for God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we do. This whole notion of staying present is my focus for here though. I tend to think ahead for both good and bad. Good because i look forward to it, bad because i look to avoid it or somehow lessen it or change it.

Be anxious for nothing. Very solid wisdom. So hard to stop though isn't it??? I have heard the joke that, *i never worry, i just get concerned* lol it is so easy to worry, especially about things that deeply affect us, the things that Jesus says we really need not worry about the most. A very difficult character trait to master i find. Michael Jordan has a new nike commercial out right now. He does a voiceover talking to a group of kids who are prmosing basketball players. He is saying how to them he made the game look so easy, a gift, magical, as though it took no effort. He shares that in truth his losses,struggles,sweat effort and disciplined practice every day are what drove him to become the player he became and what made him legendary. Great commercial, totally counteracts the whole *instant gratification* and fast-food mentality that is broadcast constantly via massmedia.

Discipline is not fun. Anyone who finds it fun is either a masochist, a drill instructor for the marines or a very odd person lol. It does pay off though, ultimately, by bringing about a desired outcome of victory and accomplishment in persevering. Staying present quite a tough but good discipline.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Tony Myles said...

I haven't seen that ad but want to after reading this. As a tangent, it's a bit sad that most people in the upcoming generation will only know Michael Jordan for battery and underwear ads. That's a Judges 2:10 lesson in itself, isn't it?


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