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Sunday, April 13, 2008

In His Hands

I went on a mission trip to SanFrancisco with my church in Huntington Beach back in 1983. We went to go help a small church in the outskirts up there. It was an eyeopening experience for most of the upper middle class kids who had never been exposed to other environments, especially poverty. One of the things we did on that trip was to attend a service at all-black church. Something that has always stuck with me was singing *Hes got the whole world in His Hands* for what seemed like an hour!!! You know what though???/ it seemed like 5 minutes. Verse after verse and those kids were standing and so into it, when the service ended no one wanted to leave!!!

Alot of people talk about wearing *their sunday best* to church. Have to wear our best for God. Hmmmmm, I wonder how much God really cares about our clothing??? Makes me think of the story where a church was beginning its worship time on sunday, all of a sudden a man came in with dirty clothes and disheveled appearance. Before the ushers made it him he made his way down the center aisle and looked for a place to sit. The head elder came up to the man, everyone awaited to see his response to the man. The elder shook his hand and sat down on the front row with him and just worshipped.

I tend to think this is a modern parable but the point is clear. Our sunday best is not clothing but our attitudes and actions in responding to God and each other. The church I mentioned in california was an upper middle class attended church. I recall a few times people who were not dressed according to what was expected or who were not socially at the accepted level were quietly encouraged to seek a church which may be better suited to their needs or such. I hated it then and hate it more now. *We are all one in Christ Jesus* That should take precedence over any and all cultural/personal mores or what have you.

Erin over at biscotti brain has some very solid posts lately. (Not that she doesn't always lol ) One that really stands out is a story told by a soldier who was over in Africa, passing through Rwanda where all the genocide occurred. They passed through a village which had been slaughtered, all the women raped, rape is a weapon of war there, and a bunch of bodies were laying in a pile in a ditch. Moans and sounds were heard, a decision needed to be reached. Should they stop and go in to help, or should they march on past, knowing the risk was too great of being exoposed to hiv??? Before the soldier could decide the men were already jumping in the ditch!!!! Erin tells it much better on her page but i just wanted to share in case any havent seen her page,

Evangelism is sometimes made into a pressure-cooker for christians.Gotta witness!!! Share your faith you never know what might happen to that person, you are the only Bible that person might ever see, on and on. So easy to get twisted and torn by expectations of others, ourselves, distortions of what we think are Gods expectations. How can we witness if we don't have our lives together?? What if they see we still struggle and fall??? Jump in the ditch!!! People in quicksand are not wondering how well your life is in order they just want help to get out!!! I'm preaching to the choir here, just some wonderings about stuff percolating in my head lately.

It is for freedom that Christ set us free- Grace Abounds!!!


At 1:00 AM, Blogger Gypsy said...

Hi Bobby Bear
I thought a visit to your blog was long overdue and I have to tell you this was a great post.

I always thought a church was supposed to be a place where people could worship or pray or just feel closer to their God. It never occurred to me that there would be a dress code to adhere to or an economic class one should belong to. Anyone who asks someone to leave a church who is only there for religious purposes should perhaps examine just how much of a Christian they themselves are.

I enjoyed your thoughts here Bobby and applaud your principles. Here endeth my sermon for today. Sorry if I got a little preachy.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Robert said...

hey sweet gypsy lady!!!! So good to have you make an appearance here!!! I hope you got my emails hoping all is well withyou dear friend and that you are doing what you want as your adventure moves onward!!! Big bearhugs to ya in Oz!!! xxx


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