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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Does God Have Limits?

I asked a question like this a few posts back. My question is very much rhetorical but also open-ended. I am in such a state of flux right now and have been for about a year or so. I had my theology pretty well developed and understood. I felt and thought like I had things together as God intended. Wow. I have had a real shakeup over the last year or so, not over the major doctrines and tenets of Christianity, that will never be shaken. But over interpreting Scripture and as to just how Jesus and the Holy Spirit desire us to live out the journey They lead us on. Not to mention coming to grips in a very vibrant way the reality of grace and what it means on a daily basis and not just a gigantic concept.

There are alot of people who hold to atheism. I don't grasp how they arrive at that position, but I do not discard them as people to love and have friendship with. many other beliefs out there people hold that are averse to Christianity but still love and care about them. Within the relationship of being a believer however, i wage a battle constantly in my mind about God's longsuffering with my struggles with certain addictions and sins and struggles with doubt or areas of unbelief. The whole calvinism/wesleyan understandings about there being those who are *elect* and the ability to achieve full holiness in this life are like pinballs in my head. I have had such a strict authoritarian attitude toward myself and my own spiritual growth in certain aspects. On the other hand I have a richness of understanding as to how the grace and love of God in Jesus is so plain and clear for others.

On one hand i have a unquenching desire to love God and love people and seek to live in a way that practices doing so in word and actions. While on the other hand i have a wildman inside who wants to get away with things, be selfish in ways that bring me pleasure and just live by my own rules which can change moment to moment. Is this the normal battle??? Do you all experience it much the same way??? To any who may view yourself as not a christian do you have anything that bears resemblance to this??? I so love to hear from anyone and everyone who wishes to chime in. A very cherished friend told me I was a loving and caring man and that is something I truly seek to be as a result of Christ in me. It doesn't matter who you are or what you believe as far as caring about and loving you. Jesus came to savc sinners, NOT christians. I want to dwell on that last thought awhile. Grace and peace be yours each day!!!


At 8:49 AM, Blogger bjk said...

I had my theology pretty well developed and understood.

And maybe that there's the problem...;)

The point of the journey is to want what HE wants MORE than anything....

I don't think i'll get there until the day I die and that's where His grace pushes me, attracts me, compels me on...and you are being pushed, attracted and compelled as well...

love you man...b

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-D HAS NO LIMITS!!! He sent his son to save us all.. He Sent his only begotten son to do this for us!!

I Love this blog already!!!


At 12:24 AM, Blogger Katherine Gunn said...

I relate to your journey. If I understood you right, you have a Calvinist background. If so, that means we come from very different theological backgrounds - I grew up pentecostal and shifted into Word of Faith... yet God has led us to the same place... funny, that. ;-)

Does God have limits? I certainly hope not. If He does, He can be quantified...


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