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Friday, April 25, 2008

He did not come to call the righteous

I lived in southern california during the 80's, in *the OC* to be exact. Yes the place where the show gets its name, right barbara??? *wink* I used to listen to talk radio alot then. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Jackson, Dr Dean Edell, Barbara Deangelis, Dr Laura and Tom Leykis were among the many, quite a mixed bag there eh??? I also listened to a christian station KBRT and they had a show on with a host who did a segment called, * i have not come to call the righteous* He would call massage parlors, bars,escort services and such and ask them Bible questions. If they got the answer right he would send them a prize. This was actually a cool segment and had some very interesting and funny responses from the callers. Some may see it as being in bad taste but i enjoyed the humor aspect as well as the conversation the host had with the people he called. He made them feel comfortable and sought to make it a fun time as well as a challenge to them.

It is rough to use the name *christian* in the USA anymore. There has been so much politicizing of that term and placing upon it images and symbols Jesus never intended or would have endorsed. I am a moderate conservative republican but have many friends who are on all sides of the political spectrum and have a great time entering into respectful exchanges with some good-natured ribbing thrown in. I hate seeing how polarized people can be on all sides and placed into categories that allow no room for flexibility and individuality of thought, as though everyone is in lockstep just because they have certain affiliations.

My point on titling this post as i did was that it is just as appalling when christians take attitudes as though they have some kind of *special status* or anything that makes them appear above or superior to anyone. The last part of that verse, it is a verse in the Bible stated by Jesus just in case anyone may not know that, Jesus says He called sinners to repentance. A key point here is that Jesus attitude and emotional tone is not that of a strict angry judge pointing a finger at the *sinners* and demanding repentance. He hung out with them where they socialized and enjoyed their company!!!! Jesus in His statement here is letting them know He welcomes them and desires them to come to Him and recieve the Good News He has brought from God. The religious leaders of the time, those who percieved themselves as *righteous* were the ones who Jesus lashed out at with anger and sarcasm. Jesus used sarcasm imagine that??? I think He displays a touch of irony in His statement here which would not be lost on those supposed *righteous*

Christians, perhaps above and beyond any one else, due to the nature of what they experience by coming to Jesus, should be the most humble of all. Jesus is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. God has placed ALL authority under Him.......... talk about power????? Jesus does not desire to make anything of this position He has. Rather, He took on the form of a slave, the lowest possible slave, and instructed any who would follow Him to do likewise. Far cry from those who shout * Do not come against the Lords Anointed* or some such cry. Trying to assert control and power by their position. Jesus has the Most power, and He chooses to keep it under wraps and serve everyone else!!!!!! Oh if church leaders let alone all of us who follow Him and wear His Name could get a handle on this!!!!

Jesus declared Himself to be God. To be the Way,Truth and Life. He is grace and truth and His salvation is a free gift He gives because He loves us as we are. He loves us all absolutely, muslims, wiccans,pagans,scientolgists,satanists,atheists. DOES NOT MATTER!!! He offers Himself to all!!!! He does declare though that He is unique and the one way. In this day and age those are fightin words. We are ecumenical,we all are in the family of life together, everyone able to do their own thing and let it be. Well that was a good sentiment for the Beatles, but it doesn't fly concerning eternity. Being exclusive is not closed-minded or hateful or unloving when Jesus declares it so, He went to the cross, was crucified and then resurrected in order to BE the ONE WAY!!!! He accepts us all as we are and bids us come to Him because HE IS LOVE. Let us love one another.


At 4:42 AM, Blogger Tracy Simmons said...

Robert, I just love this line: "My point on titling this post as i did was that it is just as appalling when christians take attitudes as though they have some kind of *special status* or anything that makes them appear above or superior to anyone."

You keepin' preaching that one, brother! I also cannot stand that attitude among believers and think most nonbelievers find it so horribly offensive--and rightly so!

At 5:04 AM, Blogger bjk said...

should be the most humble of all.

SHOULD be yes and I think THAT is where He's taking us...will I go....humble and dependent....if only you know...if only.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Robert said...

tracy and bjk- you both rock and are inspirational in your own unique ways!!!

hopefully growing more day by day in real humility and service becky

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Gypsy said...

Let us love one another. Amen to that Bobby Bear.


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