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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Force and Choice Again

I have written a few posts about these 2 polar opposites awhile back. These 2 areas play major roles in almost all aspects of life. Just very interesting to me pondering how and why they take place the way they do. As children we normally experience force more, by virtue of being small,dependent and unaware of all the choices to be made. Our parents may exercise force upon us, but of course they are choosing what force to use. Quite fun the way they can both intertwine round and round each other like a double helix spiral.

Our minds are incredibly complex. So intricate and elaborate. How anyone can concieve that our minds developed from random chance eludes me, but that is a totally different subject for another post. We all have thoughts that meander through our minds nonstop,even ax we sleep,we just don't know then. Mental illness occurs in varying forms, some from damage to brain chemistry, some from blood disorder and various other processes affecting the body. Choice can play a part as well. We can choose to feel a certain way, to act a certain way,to think a certain way. Force happens amidst these choices. We are forced to face various events in our life every instant. One of our choices can be to choose to not face them. We can choose to force ourselves to take action in one way or another.

This is a fascinating subject when thinking about God. Force ot choice, Predestination or freewill. A topic that has been debated since the dinosaurs were alive lol God is Sovereign, all-powerful. He created us as beings with free-will, ability to choose. How does God interact with us as well as animals and the rest of His creation in the way He uses His power??? Does He force Himself in various ways??? Does He force His way into our minds since He is spirit???? God is love, this is how His Word speaks of Him, of His nature and character. Does love force its way??? Does love always allow and seek choice, to be freely extended and chosen by the one loving to the one loved???

I don't want to make this post too long. I hope these thoughts and questions are ones that stimulate your interest. If i had magical power i would force many many to come read and comment LOL Freely letting them choose what to say of course!!!! haha Humor is a great force!!!

Grace peace and love be with you all!!!


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Jo said...

I love how thought-provoking your posts are, Robert.

I think free-will is essential to an analysis of an individual's character...so when speaking of spirituality & God's judgment in particular, I've never really understood how humankind could be judged if we lacked free will. To put it very literally, that seems to me the equivalent of creating a robot & then blaming it for doing exactly what you programmed it to do. I feel similarly about predestination.

I think love is a force...but one that has to be accepted. And I agree with you wholeheartedly about humor :)


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