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Thursday, May 22, 2008

thoughts feeling action

Anyone been on a movie set???/ I know Gypsy has as an extra woot woot. Well, in many an instance just as everything is ready to be filmed, the director says : Lights, Camera, Action!!! I'm sure almost all have heard the phrase. Once the director speaks those words, things happen. The action comes to life!! My title of this post is based on that cue.

In the book of Genesis we are told that we are made in the image of God. An amalgamation of commenters through the ages have opined as to the most definitive explanation as to the meaning. Are we body,spirit and soul??? Is it we have the ability to be self-aware unlike animals??? Image means likeness, can our fleshly appearance somehow resemble the Living God??? Imago Dei is the latin term for image of God. i love latin terms!!! Kyrie Eleison- Lord have mercy. Vene Vidi Vici- i came i saw i conquered i believe. Hmmmm must have been a man lol How much do our thoughts, feelings and actions echo the image of God???

Do you ever think of yourself as being one of these 3 as opposed to a unified whole??? Like, being a thinker ala Mr Spock or Socrates???? Or a feeler or bleeding heart or a doer activist??? It can seem like we end up on one side of the scale of these 3 but all of us have each of them, just who we are. What makes them get tangled up or stuck though??? Do you have times when a zillion thoughts are zooming like a pinball machine gone berserk but you just can't seem to spit out clearly what any of the thoughts are??? Do you have times when you are so overwrought by feelings that you just sigh and be still or break down in sobs or groans of either sadness or anger??? Do you have times where you have specific actions you want to take or know you need to take but a combo of various thoughts/feelings become so enmeshed in you that you seem almost paralyzed to even move???

i am just thinking out loud here and hoping to recieve input from any and all. i have experienced all 3 of those situations at one time or another, probably we all have. I tend to be caught more by my mind getting stuck and unable to find the exit to let feelings and actions be their natural part of the journey. It is weird how i can be aware and so conscious of it happening but still unable to flip the switch to make it stop. I asked a friend to post a question about the role and function of conscience awhile ago. Not many responses occurred. Maybe more will now. What is your take on the conscience???? Do you think it serves as a rudder which guides and directs the ship which is our self working all our thoughts,feelings and actions as a conductor does an orchestra or choir??? I need to sift through my ponderings a lil more but would so very much like to hear your take.

Oh, can you tell i have been playing at the free rice site lol I love words and being able to use them correctly in proper context knowing their meaning. So fun to be tested to see if i can discern the correct definition of a word, especially if its unusual or not often heard. I hate math so english has to be a release!!!! Just a lil tidbit there. Almost the holiday weekend!!!

Carpe Diem All!!!!


At 8:48 AM, Blogger Becky; said...

Alot in this post Robert....have you ever taken a DISC profile test...I go back and forth between HATING them and loving the information to know how to best communicate with someone....being in the I/S quadrant I too love words and can be as deeply wounded by them as I can wound another....finding out more and more the fighthing against who HE made me to be hinders not only my relationship with Him but mine with people here I want relationships with ...

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Robert said...

becky- havent taken one called DISC that i know of you are so right about words james warns about the tongue being a fire i try hard to make my words be ones of encouragement,comfort,challenge and caring. Your words are always very insightful and thought provoking becky thank you for being a constant friend on the journey!!!


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