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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Novel Idea

Stories are some of the most magical experiences we can have in life i think. To either be thw writer of, or a listener to a great story is to discover a transcendence of the mundane and ordinary, at leat for a small glimmer of time. I have had an idea mulling around my noggin for awhile, of a fun way to let a story happen that would be interactive and achieve a 6 degrees of kevin bacon type chain to it. i want to begin a story, titling it-the unceasing tale and in the writing, I will include people from blogland as characters. As you visit here and read along and see your name mentioned, you then can go and make a add-on in whatever way you see fit and mention anyone you choose, who will then have the choice to go and do as you have done. i would just like the first few who choose to write to link back so the origination gets known. Hopefully this will be a creative lively way to meet and learn about people we may otherwise never get to meet!!!!

So, tell me what you think???? It may end up being too tough to maintain due to the hectic pace of life but i don't want to place any time constraints, just let everyone write as they are inclined and however much and in whatever way they choose. The possibility sounds exciting inside my crazy imagination. i will wait for some feedback before penning the first installment. Maybe a producer will stumble across here and offer a reality show which could incorporate the concept!!!! Or, maybe not!! lol Enjoy your weekend all!!!!


At 4:01 AM, Blogger Gypsy said...

You never know Robert, it might just work. New ideas and concepts often seem to take a while to get off the ground I find so don't get disheartened if it doesn't attract any interest. Often it has to be the right time. Like at the moment I'm finding a lot of people seem to be having trouble coming up with blogging material. Other times people are blogging their butts off. It seems to be a cyclic thing.

If you believe in it, then give it a go. It may just be what people are looking for and don't even know it. Have a great weekend.


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