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Monday, May 05, 2008

Traditions Die Hard

Tradition a very powerful thing. Fiddler on the Roof, a fantastic musical, has a great song called Tradition, addressing the way of life of a jewish family in russia. Traditions when held over a long period of time become very deeply held. Strong emotional bonds and relational.familial ties are linked together. Quite a hard habit to break as the song goes. The church has developed quite a lot of traditions over the centuries,and they are highly valued and cherished to a large extent, or respected and held to depending on the kind of tradition it is. Supposing that these long-held deeply adhered to traditions were not true however??? What kind of reaction will that espouse???

Satan,demons,Second Coming,born again,Biblical Israel. Just what if all these realities are NOT as they have traditionally been held to be?? Let's start with satan. Calm down church lady it will be ok lol. The tradition of satan is that he is a fallen angel who rebelled against God, was cast out of heaven and took a legion of other fallen angels with him. The definition of satan is accuser or adversary. The hebrew word is very close to looking and sounding like the english transliteration satan. Devil,dragon,serpent,beelzebub- all are seen and known as terms to describe this supernatural being.

Revelation 12:9-great dragon,ancient serpent,devil,satan.

Revelation 20:2- same words as above

Matthew 23:33- Jesus calls the pharisees snakes and serpents.

Ezekiel 29- pharaoh was called a great dragon.

jeremiah 9:11- jerusalem would become a den of dragons.

1 Peter 5:8- satan is called a roaring lion

There are other verses but these are a few to lay the groundwork. The Scriptures that have been shown here indicate a man at times, as well as referring to animals by using hyperbolic language and imagery. In John 8 Jesus tells the pharisees they are of their father the devil. 1 John 3:8-he who commits sin is of the devil. Who is this devil??

If we look back to the garden of eden and we see the scenario where eve ate of the fruit. Eve was tempted by the serpent, note serpent was used referring to men in the other verses. In james we can read where it says God tempts no one but all are tempted by their own lusts or desires. Now if God knew a supernatural being whom He had cast out of heaven was going to appear and seek to lure His perfect creation to rebel against Him and risk death shouldn't He have warned them????? The reason eve was decieved and not adam is because adam had become the deceiver and was acting as a serpent, an adversary, wanting to see what eve would do and to see what would happen. Adam had chosen to rebel against God and by adams actions, sin entered the world and caused physical death as well as curses brought upon all the entire human race until Jesus Christ, the second Adam, lived in perfect obedience to God the Father and was resurrected after shedding his blood for our sins so we could be restored to a right relationship with God!!!

In jeremiah there is a verse which declares the heart of man is wicked above ALL things. Deceitful,scheming and cunning, who can bear it??? If that is true then the heart trumps satan so why would we even need him around, we do a bad enough job of tempting ourselves as it is!!!

When i fisrt heard this idea of adam being the serpent i chuckled and thought come on now are you kidding me??? The screwtape letters by CS Lewis ran through my mind. All the images of satan i had heard or been taught over the years. Adam is satan???? Look in the mirror and see satan??? Get Real!!!!! BUT.......... gotta love capping a but lol as I checked various verses and thought about our sin nature and what adam did, as well as who Jesus was called and what Jesus came and was sent to do, it began to start to fit together like a puzzle. Made a great deal of sense and it is right there hiding in plain sight. God ALONE has supernatural power. In deuteronomy He lists all the curses that He would send down upon people if they fell into idolatry. Demons are idols and those being said to be possessed by them, mentally ill. Evil came about from Adam and his choice to disobey God and seek to make himself a god. Isn't that exactly what satan is said to have done???? The 3 main temptations we face in life- lust of the flesh,lust of the eyes, boastful pride of life. Jesus faced all these in the wilderness. Adam and eve carried them out when the fall happened.

I hope this has been thought-provoking enough to cause you to wonder and think more. Then again you may think i have gone off the deep end and need a rubber room lol I know i have wrestled over this for close to 2 years, and it has become very understandable and what is being said in the Scriptures. Hope to have any and all feedback .


At 6:17 AM, Blogger OneDaisy said...

I think that explains everything in my book! LOL. The men in my life thus far have proven to be of a wicked nature and now this proves it. Thank you.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Tink said...

Here you write this thought-provoking post and the one thing I want to highlight is that Fiddler On The Roof was an awesome movie. I used to sing "I wish I was a rich man" and then do that funny little jig all over the house.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Robert said...

onedaisy lol i hear you loud and clear ty for stopping by even in the midst of serious stuff so good to keep solid sense of humor anymore pics at your new place of well pedicured feet with red polish :D

tink- hey there I was in the play fiddler in high school loved it!! I checked out your story page btw earlier you are quite a talent there love how you interplay all those characters stop by anytime

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Fiddler on the roof also! Yeah umm Adam being satan, I got chuckle out of that one!!!

Lust of the eyes, flesh and being Prideful!! we have all have done that eh? No rubber rooms for you.. I feel ya in this post!!!

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Jo said...

That was a fascinating twist! From what I remember (kind of soggily)...the tradition of Satan going back to the apochrypha, as well as early extant Hebrew writings & also the Islamic traditions, is that he wasn't evil at all but specifically the "adversary" as you said. His role towards man was one of catalyst, compelling a decision & a judgment...temptation as a test...one view says this is unfair, perhaps entrapment...but the traditional take is more optimistic--that he uniquely provided man with opportunities to excel & overcome. It seemed to me a chicken & egg equation whether this was why God loved him best, or whether b/c God loved him best, he entrusted him with this role.

From this interpretation, it seems a somewhat predictable human adulteration to later demonize Satan--the Devil made me do it! :P

I would say that following the idea that the heart of man is wicked, the reason Satan as Adversary is necessary is perhaps to add clarity to the situation...kind of like bringing a murky gray-area chaos to a definitive fork in the road--confronted with an obvious choice rather than the mish-mash of your impulses & ideas, will you choose this way or that.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Robert said...

single- hey there sweet angel yes we sure all have been there with lust- unless we have no pulse LOL love your seemingly boundless energy!!

jo- hey there thanks so much for stopping in. I really like all you said in your comment, i think you add to understanding how and why adam is satan. I am making a follow up to clarify some things. I will visit you more as well


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