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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ahead to the Past

The boys personal experience of safety and security would very soon be forever changed. As all good movies or stories so often do, we must freeze the story briefly and take a peek backwards, back to the beginning of the lives of the boys parents, to lay groundwork for how their family life impacted his. Oh, just an aside, narrator breaking in here. I may interrupt and add a reflection here and there, like an actor suddenly breaking character and speaking to the audience. Hey it's my story right??? LOL So glad you came along for the ride, off we go.

His mother was a california country girl. Raised in nothern california not to far from the oregon border. She had a hard childhood in many ways. Her father was an alcoholic who divorced her mother when she was very young. Her mother did not want to settle down and accept the responsibility for raising her, so she was shuttled off to her aunt and uncles. They took her in and raised her just like they were her parents. The aunt and uncle were farmers, very hardworking and quite reserved, never showing much affection or emotion or verbal expressions of praise and love. Something happened to her when she was still quite a young girl, something that no little girl should ever experience,something that tore at any sense of safety and security for her, even way beyond losing her father and being given away by her mother. She learned to protect herself, to guard her emotions. Her mind became as sharp as a steel blade, she was almost valedictorian of her high school class and discovered she had a very high iq, high enough to become a mensa member.

His father also had a bit of a rough upbringing. Raised in new jersey so close to newark, a very crime-ridden area. His mother was an alcoholic and tended to be quite histrionic and a worrywart. Not much known about his father, although he was spoken well of by other family members. His life was cut short by cancer. Cancer. Everyone hates that word. Strangely enough the boys birthday was July 22. Right on the cusp between cancer/leo. *quick sidenote- no real care about astological signs but it just adds a lil extra to the story*

He was a grgarious kid. Liked to joke around and be the life of the party. He loved sports,especially football. He had dreams of a bright future someday. Not sure just what but he dreamed all the same. He had a younger sister also, same as did his son, the boy. Interesting to wonder how similar the relationships were between each.

Life is so funny how it can take such bizarre twists and turns. These 2 very different people were soon to have a headon collision in a place far from either of their home states. Their story is quite close gto that song by Journey, the one that ended the Sopranos lives. *she was just a smalltown girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere* *he was just a cityboy, born and raised in south detroit*jersey* he took the midnight train going anywhere* The song??? Don't Stop Believin* Little did they know how much the title of that song would really come to bear so strongly on their lives.

Army. Ft Sam Houston. Nurse-2nd Lieutenant. Pvt 1st class. Both of them stationed there. Their paths soon to cross in a way truly meant to be a movie. More to come soon.

So hope you enjoy and hopefully will feel *in touch* with what happens as to the people as the story unfolds. Such a leap to attempt to write in this way and keep fingers crossed it comes across very well to the readers. Anyone who wishes to email me ever, it is there where the comments section is. i welcome any and all corrspondence.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger becky said...

interesting title to this piece of work.

thanks for stopping by my blog.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger Robert said...

hey becky- I borrowed from *back to the future in coming up with this title. Always a great time stopping by your place my friend. Keep on the journey.

At 3:35 AM, Blogger Jo said...

Interesting excerpt, Robert. And congrats to you for taking a risk & putting your creativity out there!

I love that Journey song.

At 5:32 AM, Blogger Gypsy said...

That's brilliant Robert. Can't wait for the next part. You are such a good story teller and I should know ;)

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Robert said...

ty jo- it does feel risky but in a very good way ty so much for your words. I also love that Journey song

gypsy- ah my sweet lovely friend yes you sure do hehe thank you for coming in and for the inspiration you are :)


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