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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hunger and Thirst

Amazing how so often many bloggers seem to be walking down simliar paths in what they are focusing on in the life journey. One thing i came across in a book i have been reading was very interesting. It said how we are truly unique individuals in our outer appearance,personality and abilities. However, internally we were all basically the same. We all share the same needs,.desires,pains,and such. This is why we can all relate so well to each other and become so close as we all do have the ability to share each others skin to speak.

Going back to the garden of eden, we see eve was tempted by the sight of the fruit as well as her own desires or lusts to become wise, to become like God. Temptation comes in the same basic way to us all, from our lusts,which are desires. Lust in the Bible does not connote to a sexual meaning all the time. The book of james tells us we are all tempted when we are carried away by our desires that reside in our hearts. The desires themselves are not sinful but can become so if we act on them in a sinful manner,which all of us do countless times, as a result of being captive to this world and this body which are fallen.

Hunger and thirst. For food,sex,love,appreciation,power,status,wealth,affection. The list is endless. We can hunger and thirst for so many things, how do we get ourselves to hunger and thirst for God, His kingdom, His righteousness??? I get alot of different reactions within myself even as i type that question. Of course i hunger and thirst for God how can i not??? So many distractions happen all at once it blocks me, how can i come close to that its just so hard, He is so demanding and He stays silent almost all the time. Distortions of who God is and how He relates to me/us are at the root of this struggle i think.

I know for me i have had a distorted view of God effect me a long time now. I have and know the true view of Him in my mind, yet i have areas from painful experiences which have led me to feel like He is not as He portrays Himself in His Word. Gary over at blessedarethepoorinspirit made a post recently detailing all the various distortions of God i think can be mostly universally shared. I know i want to seek to act in ways that will cause me to deepen in hungering and thirsting for Him. To let Jesus and the Holy Spirit lead me in the ways i need that will make this happen. It hurts so much to reflect how often i let myself get in the way of what He wants to do and how He wants me to enjoy Him. I hope to write more in a story kind of way that allows for a different kind of sharing of the struggles inwardly to just trust and obey, hunger and thirst, live loved and give love openly and with open arms.

We all come from such varying places and are at different crossroads in our journies. i love how touched and heartened i get from reading peoples thoughts, from recieving comments and returning comments back. So good to share the spectrum of emotions and thoughts on here with such a huge audience.


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